Thursdays call for a Ladies Night at Lucknow's Distillery for it's pouring booze at just ₹1!

Thursdays call for a Ladies Night at Lucknow's Distillery for it's pouring booze at just ₹1!

Here's a deal only for the ladies, because why should boys have all the fun?

What will your answer be if the town's highest rooftop bar is asking you, 'Why should boys have all the fun?' Well, you're in luck for Distillery is bringing the coolest Ladies Night to Lucknow and if you wanna let down your hair or sway with your girl-gang on the dance floor, you've only got to keep your Thursdays clear. That's right, get a chance to level up your party game like never before dear ladies, for its pouring cocktails at just ₹1, exclusively for ya'!

Fancy decor of the highest & the largest rooftop of Lucknow!

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To put the record straight, Cinderella never asked for a prince but a free pass to the town's biggest party and guess what? Distillery is giving you just that! Every Thursday, you have the chance to let loose amid the riveting beauty of this voguishly swank resto-bar to get the fun rolling!

And don't you worry, if a cosy cafe vibe is your aesthetic, Distillery does that too! Get the best of both worlds at Lucknow's most picturesque rooftop cafe-cum-bar to distil the party game, like a pro! Whether you want to dance your heart out at the floor or spend some quality time with your crowd, Distillery is sure to bemuse your senses by offering you one hell of a time at the same venue.

If you abide by the 'But first, Lemme take a selfie' rule, head on to Distillery right away, you've got to do that for the 'gram! The extraordinary décor of this high-end bar along with the classic vibe of the roaring' 20s is what you need to up your Instagram game.

'Pour'fect drinks & crafty food FTW!

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With a plethora of food options accompanied by crazy boozy concoctions, the unique menu of Distillery makes it stand out from the crowd and how! And dear ladies, when you can get the poison of your choice at just ₹1 on Thursdays, trust us, there's no deal more 'pour'fect that this, for sure! So what are you waiting for, grab your glasses and let it clink cheers all night.

One can also relish a number of fusion dishes and the classics which are carefully curated by incorporating local flavours with a global connect. Buckle up as you take on this journey of experience, getting sensations through all of your senses!

If you're a fan of the pineapple pizza, try their Tropical Pizza (Pro-tip- Order this mouth-watering thin crust pizza without pineapple if you can't stand the thought of these two P's together!). Apart from pizzas, a variety of peculiar Chaat options, vegetarian and non-vegetarian platters, pasta and many more palatable food items are waiting for you at Distillery.

Enjoy the impressive view of Lucknow from the top!

Apart from the indoor and outdoor areas, the terrace seating arrangement at the highest and biggest rooftop of the city, serving one of the best views of the city, is sure to leave you awestruck. If you wish to catch up with your bae, take a seat at Distillery's terrace which serves delectable food with a breathtaking view of the city's skyline.

Apart from serving food with a view, this awe-inspiring place has the most soulful live music sessions at the terrace that adds to its romantic vibe. Our inner-Chandler can't help but say- 'Could it BE any better?'

Get the party started indoors!

Designed with an aim to cater to the varied tastes of Lucknowites, Distillery has become one of the most sought-after hangout places in the city! With famous DJs amping up the music game, their club is the most pretty area of this upscale bar. You can not claim to be a club-lover if you haven't danced at the most happening disco already!

Knock Knock

Don't wait for the weekend to plan a day out with your friends here if you wish to have the best of everything- food, drinks, music and the view, of course! Keep your phones charged as you'll end up taking umpteen pictures at this Insta-worthy spot and do not forget to carry your mask as there is no entry without them (and rightfully so!).

Location: 15th floor, Rohtas Summit building, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.

Contact number: 9198690241

Offer: Ladies Night on Thursdays | 7 PM

Bookings & reservations:

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