Dive into the world of Hindi literature at Hazratganj, here's a list of books to grab!

Dive into the world of Hindi literature at Hazratganj, here's a list of books to grab!

Immerse Yourself in Literary Bliss: Must-Reads from Hazratganj's Bookspots!

If you identify as a Gen Z or Millennial, you probably resonate with the struggle of distancing yourself from the Hindi language. As English-based education takes precedence, many of us might have drifted away, perhaps during the 11th standard while choosing optional subjects or later when pursuing tech-based careers.

In celebration of World Hindi Day on Jan 10, now is the right time to reconnect with the ever so beautiful language. What better way to initiate this reunion than by delving into some Hindi classics? To help you out, we've compiled a list of books readily available at bookstores and sellers in the Hazratganj market of Lucknow.

Munshi Premchand Ki Sarvshreshth Kahaniyaan

Literally everyone has must've read and loved Munshi Premchand's stories back in school, be it the soulfilling tale of 'Idgah' or the metaphorical magic of 'Do bailon ki katha'. Thus, grabbing a collection of his fab stories becomes something which should be at the top of your list in case you are restarting your hindi reading journey!

Where to find it: Book Stall beside Hanuman Mandir

Price: ₹200

Lucknow Ke Hindi Kavi

Lucknow has been a nurturing haven for some of the most distinguished Hindi authors and poets. "Lucknow Ke Hindi Kavi" provides a brief glimpse into the noteworthy contributions and literary masterpieces of renowned writers from the city, such as Bhagwati Charan Varma, Amritlal Nagar and KP Saxena.

Moreover, at Universal in Hazratganj, you'll find an exceptional collection of the 'Hamara Lucknow Pustakmala' book series. This series delves into a myriad of topics related to the city.

Where to find it: Universal Book Sellers, Hazratganj Crossing

Price: ₹30 (All books from Hamara Lucknow Pustakmala collection)

Gunahon Ka Devta

Padma Shree Dharamveer Bharati stands as another iconic figure among Hindi writers and poets, earning profound admiration from Hindi readers. His timeless masterpiece, "Gunahon Ka Devta," penned in 1949, holds legendary status among novels. This cult classic has not only inspired Bollywood adaptations but has also served as a muse for multiple films. Thus, it becomes a must-grab for you.

Where to find it: Magazine seller outside Cafe Coffee Day, Hazratganj

Price: ₹160

Satya Ke Prayog

"Satya Ke Prayog" (My Experiments with Truth), Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography, stands as one of the most widely read autobiographies globally. It is nearly indispensable for everyone, offering a comprehensive account of the life of the 'Father of the Nation' in his own words.

Where to find it: Book stall outside Central Bank, Hazratganj

Price: ₹210 after discount

Vishwa Prasiddh Bhoot Pret Ghatnaayen

Diverging from the more serious literary works, immersing yourself in quirky reads and pulp fiction adds a delightful dimension to your reading experience.

This Hindi collection of stories, brimming with spooky tales like the 'Flying Dutchman' or 'The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln,' promises an intriguing and entertaining start for your Hindi reading journey.

Where to find it: Modern Book Stall, Janpath Market

Price: ₹72

Amrita Preetam's Meri Priya Kahaniyaan

If you are really fond of tales of love and partition, you'd definitely be aware of the mesmerising works of the ever so fabulous author, Amrita Pritam.

This World Hindi Day drop by Universal Store (Minoo & Dinshaw Booksellers) to grab this all-time classic, a collection of short stories from her. Their are other short story collections available too including authors like, Satyajit Ray, Rabinath Tagore, Krishna Chandar, Amrit Lal Nagar and more.

Where to find it: Universal Store (Minoo & Dinshaw Booksellers), Near Janpath Market

Price: ₹185

Agni Ki Udaan

Another unmissable autobiography is 'Rocketman' APJ Abdul Kalam's 'Agni Ki Udaan' (Wings Of Fire). This profoundly inspirational book delves into the life, struggles, and journey of the legendary scientist turned president. It stands as an exceptional Hindi read, tailor-made for you!

Where to find it: Bookseller in Love Lane, Hazratganj (Near Cheap house store)

Price: ₹250

Hindi Ke Lokpriya Geetkaar

A compiled collection of timeless Hindi hits, penned by legendary poets like Majrooh Sultanpuri, Sahir Ludhianvi, Gulzar, Javed Akhtar, and others, offers a delightful and light reading experience.

This book not only brings forth stories but also presents the lyrics of evergreen songs. It's a valuable addition to your personal library, providing insights into the brilliance of these poets and adding chaar chaand to your literary collection.

Where to find it: Kalakunj International Book Shop, Love Lane

Price: ₹225

Knock Knock

Now, while you can certainly locate these books at any major bookstore in the city, consider supporting local small-time sellers this World Hindi Day as you explore the charming streets of Ganj.

If you find yourself pressed for time, rekindling your connection with this beloved language can be effortlessly achieved by switching from an English newspaper to a Hindi one, providing a quick and effective boost to your Hindi language skills, peace!

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