Diwali is a festival of giving, and these 9 ways ensure a wholesome and Happy Diwali for all!

Diwali is a festival of giving, and these 9 ways ensure a wholesome and Happy Diwali for all!

Happy Diwali!

Diwali is not only the Festival of Lights and also a time of giving and sharing joy with those around us. While the entire country is celebrating Deepawali with grandeur, there are also many who find it hard to even light a lamp or arrange for a single meal. So, how about making it a Happy Diwali for them too?

And switching to organic colours for rangoli, thoughful gifting ideas, can also bring the much needed change to the celebrations, making them even grander! Here are some ways that'll truly make your Diwali, a safe and wholesome one:

Vocal for local

Diwali markets are already up and are showcasing some of the most indigenous art and crafts curated by the city‘s local vendors. From ethnic to contemporary, this Diwali season take home something valuable from the shop-next-door. Add warmth to your abode with hand-made diyas in place of imported Chinese lights.

Shop wise! Shop cow dung earthen lamps!

These chemical free diya’s are must have for they spread positive energy, and improves oxygen level in the environment. Sounds too good to be true? We assure you - it’s all legit. The ash residue from these earthen diya’s can also be utilised as compost for plants and makes for a natural fungicide. 

Care for the underprivileged

From the week long festive-holidays, take a day out and visit your nearest orphanage or old-age home. You can either prepare food or carry along some gifts which will be more than precious to them. Make this Diwali a better affair by adding love an light to other’s life.

Gift plants this Diwali 

You must have heard of plants as a great house-warming presents but who says greenery doesn't suit other occasions? Plants are probably the most eco-friendly and green (literally) you'd get and, thus, gifting plants as Diwali gifts will not only eliminate the chance of overconsumption of mithai but also check boxes in the environment quotient.

Follow protocol! Don’t burst crackers after 10 PM

Amongst the many occupants of this beautiful space are plants, animals, babies and elderlies. Not actively participating in the celebration, these elements do get affected by the sounds of the fireworks and pollution caused by the same. Be wise and follow the protocol. Don’t burst crackers after 10 PM. And better, swtich to green crackers!

Green Crackers for a safer Diwali 

If you feel Diwali is incomplete withut crackers, why not go for green crackers! They cause much less air pollution as compared to traditional ones. The identification of green crackers can be done through the CSIR NEERI logo.

Shop limited! Shop mindful!

Festivities do call for an enormous amount of shopping for yourself and your loved ones. However, often it happens that they end up shopping more that what we need. So, this Diwali lets promise to be mindful before we purchase something and be kind to our pockets. (cause you know how it feels at the end of the month).

Buy organic colours for rangoli

Rangoli is an art, in which patterns are created on the floor using powdered colours. It is a symbol of auspiciousness and Diwali is incomplete without Rangoli designs. Grace your rangoli with organic, plastic-free colours his Diwali and bid your part as an aware citizen.

Donate stuff to the less fortunate 


Diwali calls for a truck-loads of new stuff. But what happens to the old ones? This Deepawali gather your hood and collect old items from your neighbourhood. Donate these to someone not so fortunate and witness how it lights up their world and yours in the truest sense.

Diwali has returned after 2 years of COVID hiatus, which means this year's celebartion needs to be a grand one. And what better way to do it, than being the light in someone else's life!?

Let us know in the comments below, how you are celebrating Diwali this year?

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