DM Lucknow designates Nodal Officer to carry out last rites protocols of COVID patients

DM Lucknow designates Nodal Officer to carry out last rites protocols of COVID patients

A person for immediate assistance to be deployed in all L2 and L3 Covid facilities

In an order issued by the District Magistrate on July 28, the last rites of all coronavirus positive patients in the city's Covid centres have to be conducted with promptness. According to this new order, all fatalities in Lucknow's various L1, L2 and L3 Covid care facilities due to treatment or any other reason will have to registered and the last rites of these patients need to be carried out immediately. This directive has been issued with respect to the Covid-19 protocol and mandate in the city. The DM has also designated a Nodal Officer to supervise the execution of this protocol without any laxity.

New Directives

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The District Magistrate of Lucknow has issued a notice directing execution of last rites protocols of patients dying due to coronavirus in various health facilities across the city. The DM has also designated the Additional District Magistrate (Administration) as the nodal officer to ensure that this is followed without negligence. The updated status of the fatalities due to virus and their last rites in the two districts of Lucknow and Lucknow Centre has to be appraised at the Capital's Integrated Command and Control Centre by the Additional District Magistrate (Administration). These updates have to be notified to the Undertaker and Chief Development Officer and Nodal Officer at 7 in the morning, 2pm by the day and till 11 at night.

The order also reads that as soon as a Covid positive person dies during treatment in any city facilitated covid care centre, then in accordance with Covid-19 medical protocol, the last rites shall be conducted after informing the immediate family. If any officer, employee or hospital does not take the necessary action or cooperate with the said work, or provides incorrect information, then the Additional District Magistrate (Administration), Lucknow will also direct punitive action against them or the entire process.

Deployment of an accountant for immediate assistance in L2 and L3 Covid Hospitals has also been directed in the notice. Personal information about this accountant will be made available to the Municipal Commissioner, CMO and Intergrated Covid Command and Control Centre.

Apart from all this, the Additional District Magistrate (Administration) Lucknow will also be responsible to give out credible information to the media through the CMO. Any negligence of the directives listed in this order will result into the onset of a punishable legal suit. The copy of the press release is attached below-

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