Doctors in Lucknow successfully pull off a rare ABO incompatible kidney transplant

Doctors in Lucknow successfully pull off a rare ABO incompatible kidney transplant

In a miraculous surgery in Lucknow, a rare kind of kidney transplant took place. It was considered to be one of the most challenging surgeries owing to several complications. The surgery took place in Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital, a well known private hospital in Lucknow.

The surgery was considered to be rare and one of a kind mainly because of the different types of blood transfusions that took place. In this case, both the donor and the recipient had blood from different blood groups.

What's the update?

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The surgery, also known as an ABO incompatible case, was performed by a team of doctors at the Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital in the Uttar Pradesh capital.

The doctors operated upon a 34-year-old patient from Basti district. The patient, who's blood group was O positive, took a kidney from his father, aged 64, with the blood group B positive. The donor was also suffering from a lung ailment, which created further challenge towards the surgery's success.

Though both of them had different blood groups, the kidney transplant was successful, and that's what was the groundbreaking achievement.

The surgery was performed by Dr Kumar, along with urologists Dr Rahul Yadav, Dr Aditya Sharma and Dr Manish. Dr Yadav stated that the success rate of such surgeries ranges from 50% to 90%. The deciding factors vary from the experience of doctors to the training of staff and the quality of equipment available.

For the uninitiated, the average cost of a kidney transplant averages to around ₹5 lakh. However, in an ABO incompatible case, the costs could go up to ₹8 lakh, depending upon the situation of the patient.

Knock Knock

If you had some fears about the medical facilities in Lucknow, this piece of news should really get you up. The doctors have really pulled through and have completed this miraculous surgery. The recipient of the kidney is now living a life like before.

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