Dwell Decor in Lucknow is a one stop-shop for all your interior and home-decor needs

Dwell Decor in Lucknow is a one stop-shop for all your interior and home-decor needs

There’s a saying that goes like “Homes are like people, each has its quirks, it’s own personality.”

Designing the house you live in is an extremely personal experience. The space where you will live and have the most joyful as well as sad moments of life, is a space more sacred than any place of worship. So when it comes to designing our paradise, we always want the best.

The space we live in, says a lot about us, from the lampshade you bought on a whim to the time piece on your night stand, everything comes together to define you. ‘Dwell Decor’ in Lucknow is here to provide an all encompassing solution to all your interior decoration needs.

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What is Dwell Decor?

Dwell Decor came into existence when NQ Designs- started by a local entrepreneur Nida Qadir, collaborated with IAAH (It’s All About Home), the Indian manufacturer and supplier of IKEA India.

The idea to bring home decoration and interior designing under the same banner gave birth to Dwell Decors. It is by all means a one stop shop, where consumers can look at example of already designed home spaces, such as bedrooms, living rooms, dining halls and find inspiration for their own.

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The idea is that you will not only find exceptional products for your home but will also find examples of how you can place those products to liven up your space.

At Dwell Decors you will find a plethora of home decor, furnishing, linen, furniture, products and brands that suit your taste and make you home nothing less than a palace and a sanctuary.

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Why Dwell Decor?

Unlike other home and interior decor stores, at Dwell Decor you will find everything you require under the same roof. With a superior quality, Dwell Decor offers regal and stunning decor and furniture pieces at unmatched price point.

We love everything about this store from the ton of options you get to all the different variety of royal yet modern pieces.

Give the store a visit if you’ve been thinking of redecorating or redesigning your home.

Address: MI Rustle Court, Amar Shaheed Path, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Contact: +91 70118 80401

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