E-rickshaws banned on 11 major routes in Lucknow; Check full list here

E-rickshaws banned on 11 major routes in Lucknow; Check full list here

As per the traffic management plan, about 22000 e-rickshaws will be prohibited to move on major routes

In a bid to streamline smooth traffic movement in Lucknow, the Traffic Police has ordained an e-rickshaw ban on 11 major routes in the city. A notification in this concern was issued by Police Commissioner DK Thakur, under the authority of the Section 115 of Motor Vehicle Act 1988 and Section 178 of Uttar Pradesh Motor Vehicle Act 1988 on May 12.

The order aims to regulate the movement of about 22,000 e-rickshwas in Lucknow in order to counter the growing impact of air pollution and traffic snarls. It is also directed towards providing better provisions for the city dwellers and overall public safety, along with ease of commute in Lucknow.

E-rickshawas banned on 11 major routes in Lucknow 

In wake of the increasing cases of heavy traffic jams, the Lucknow Police Commissionerate has decided to ban the movement of e-rickshwas on 11 routes in the city, including the Amausi-Munshipulia Metro route.

  1. Between Hazratganj intersection and Burlington intersection, via Royal Hotel

  2. From Hazratganj intersection to Bandariyabagh intersection and back

  3. Between Hazratganj intersection and Sikandarabagh intersection

  4. Between Hazratganj intersection and Parivrtan Chowk, via Alpha, Mayfair, Valmiki Trisection, Press Club, Hindi Sansthan and KD Singh Babu Stadium.

  5. Between Bandariyabagh intersection to Polytechnic intersection and along the Lohia Path

  6. Between Amausi and Barabriwa

  7. From Ahmanau to Arjunganj Bazar and Rajman Chowki, Kataipull and Lalbatti intersection and back.

  8. From Pickup Bridge to Vijayipur underpass, via Indira Gandhi Pratishthan and on the roads from Indira Gandhi Prathisthan to Gomti Nagar railway station and High Court gate number 3

  9. Between Kamta Shaheed Path Trisection to the Shaheed Path turn to Kanpur Road

  10. From Badshahnagar crossing to Lekhraj and Polytechnic crossing and back

  11. Between Amausi Turn to Munshipulia Chauraha, along the metro route.

What's at the stake? Lets see what people have to say

Anuj a young e-rickshaw driver at Polytechnic intersections that comes under the banned route said, "Banning e-rickshaw to avoid traffic is acceptable, but the authorities should also provide us an alternative to the loss incurred by the order." Over 30,000 e-rickshaw run in Lucknow, and banning the movement of over 20,000 e-rickshaw will create job loss and unemployment.

Another e-rickshaw drive, Pushpendra adds, "A dedicated route should be created for the movement of e-rickshaws if the authorities are banning their movement on the Metro route. Additionally, a dedicated e-rickshaw stand should be developed far away from major intersections in Lucknow"

The newly passed order also curtails the movement of e-rickshaws between Kamta Shaheed Path Trisection to the Shaheed Path turn to Kanpur Road and Munshipulia intersections, making the commute to the nearest metro station from Kamta, Takrohi and Harianagar a real pain.

While speaking to a daily commuter who travels from Polytechnic to Kamta, she said, "Biggest reason behind opting for e-rickshaw is its cost. Travelling via e-rickshaw is cheap and convenient. Banning them on such major routes will only create problems. Also, for women, it is really not optimal to travel every day via tempos which are jam-packed."

DL, RC & insurance mandatory to operate e-rickshaws 

As informed by Subhash Chandra Shakya, DCP Traffic advertisements and public announcements regarding the same have been in motion for 5 days now to inform the e-rickshaw operators about the ban. During this period, challan was also levied on such vehicles on the restricted route.

All traffic personnel and police stations in these areas have been directed to strictly implement the ban. Punitive action will be taken against the officers and rickshaw drivers if they violate the order.

E-rickshaw driver, Anuj said, "We agree to co-operate with the fact that lack of RC, DL and Insurance will lead to seizing of the vehicle. However, for some, it is difficult to get an insurance because of its high cost. Getting an insurance for 3 years altogether is really expensive for people who just earn ₹5000 to ₹10, 000 a month. But we agree with the decision and will co-operate with the order to maintain necessary documents."

As per official figures, there are about 30,000 e-rickshaws that shuttle across Lucknow that can continue operations only on account of an official RC and insurance now. It is also imperative for an e-rickshaw driver to have a four-wheeler DL to drive the vehicle. Police will conduct random drive to check the documents and seize the vehicle promptly if the papers are found missing or improper.

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