Lucknow University starts free e-rickshaws service to make campus life more convenient for students!

Lucknow University starts free e-rickshaws service to make campus life more convenient for students!

Lucknow University Old Campus will now have on-campus transportation for students

Lucknow University, one of the oldest higher education institutions in the country, has been gearing up to level with private institutions in terms of student-centric facilities. For this purpose, LU has been introducing several reforms that should help increase the students' convenience. The latest of these is the launch of a free e-rickshaw facility at the Old Campus. The five e-rickshaws will significantly help students with disabilities or impairments traverse the campus. It will also bring the university closer to its goal of a clean vehicle-free campus.

A slew of facilities have come up within the past two years

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The launch of the e-rickshaws was accompanied by the inauguration of the new CPMT building, which is a student lounge with many facilities. A host of other facilities have been implemented at the institution over the past couple of years. Some of these include:

  • A new mobile canteen for accessible refreshments
  • A 'Happy Thinking lab' by the Counselling and Guidance Cell for mental health rejuvenation
  • A Pad-vending machine and an exclusive separate room called 'MySpace' for female students on their period
  • The revival of the Internal Complaints Committee to address sexual harassment grievances
  • SLATE mobile app for efficient online instruction

Students happy with the new developments

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LU students are appreciative of the considerations being made by the university. Shalvi, a student of English Honours, says, "The university's efforts to make the campus experience more enjoyable are noticeable." She is accompanied by Vidushi Shukla of Psychology Honours, who feels that these facilities are helping students overcome the pandemic. Vidushi says, "With the constant uncertainty surrounding online and offline modes of education during the pandemic, the new amenities, both on-campus and digital, have greatly helped in smoothening the transitions between the two."

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