Eat your way through Kapoorthala and Aliganj: A localite’s food guide to Lucknow

Eat your way through Kapoorthala and Aliganj: A localite’s food guide to Lucknow

This guide is the holy-grail of any epicure who’s looking to have a good time eating.

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

How often do we go out exploring the city? Weaving our way through the many food joints/stalls and kiosks that this wonderful city houses. Yet, when it comes down to eating, we order the same one or two things every time. Some times it’s the uncertainty that holds us back and sometime it’s the unawareness. Which is why, Knocksense has curated a tried and trusted treasure map of the best food you can find in Lucknow.

This guide is the holy-grail of any epicure who’s looking to have a good time eating. No matter who you are, a localite gearing up to rekindle your love of the city or a tourist who wants to discover every lane and every corner of Lucknow, pick this guide up and you’ll be sorted. From chat, khasta-samosa, biryani-kebabs, rolls/wraps, lassi to sweets, we’ve got it all covered.

Best Chaatwala's in Kapoorthala-Aliganj

Kapoorthala’s main chaatwala

Kapoorthala’s main chaatwala

Who can say no to chat, it is the essence of street food, it is simply why we live. So, if you really want to have a solid aloo tikki, matar ki chat or an ultimate plate of pani puri, these are the places where you should be-

1. Kapoorthala’s most famous chaatwala, who stands in front of Archies and Jumbo King at the chowraha. He serves the best paani ke batashe you’ll ever put in your mouth, the man has over 20 kinds of chutneys and they change the entire flavour palate of the pani puri water.

2. Mahalaxmi Sweets, where you’ll find the most drool-worthy aaloo tikki the best part about which is its crispy skin.

3. Mohan Sweets, at Ram-Ram Bank Chowraha, an institution when it comes to chaat. The batashe here are crispy, the filling is soft and warm while the water tangy and spicy. And it would be a sin to not have their aaloo ki tikki, with sweet dahi, tangy green chutney and crispy potato wafers.

The most yummy Biryani and succulent Kebabs

Chicken tikka at Chahat Biryani Corner

Chicken tikka at Chahat Biryani Corner

Okay, not throwing any shade at any restaurant or their biryani, but outside of the old Lucknow area, it is very difficult to find a truly amazing plate of biryani or a juicy piece of kebab. Sure you have a number of options, but are any of them good? These actually are-

1. Chahat Biryani corner in Aliganj serves some of the most flavourful Biryani you’ll ever have, the rice is fluffy, the spice mild and they serve the necessary saalan and chutney. Coming to the kebabs, their stuff is so delicious it sells out within hours, the char-grilled kebabs and the tandoori tangdi served with onions and a lemon wedge is your dream come true.

3. Newly Biryani Corner: Much like Chahat, this Biryani and kebab place serves a plate of biryani so good you’ll eat away your fingers. The kebabs here are good too and you won’t go wrong with a classic tandoori or tikka.

3. Tunday Kababi: No description required here, tunday wins all hearts and is the king of everything!

Rolls and Wraps

Chahat Biryani Corner

Chahat Biryani Corner

If you’re looking for Kathi roll that has enough flavour, is wrapped in a nice parantha blanket that is crispy-flaky, a little chewy and is filled with yummy nummy filling that is not skimped on, read away. Also wraps, deep fried or tortilla covered, wrapped with a simple flat bread, here’s your pick-

1. Rolls- you will not find a better roll place than Chahat Biryani Corner, Awadh Biryani, Ande ka Funda (KV Aliganj) you can ask them to make the roll according to your preferences or let the rolling maestros do their magic! If you’re a vegetarian you should definitely try Deva’s veg kebab rolls. Deva has created a niche when it comes to serving ultimate veg kebabs and rolls.

2. Wraps- if you really want a good wrap, try Al’s chicken twister and grilled chicken wrap for an exciting crunch and chew experience. Or indulge in Burger Bean’s wrap for the ultimate bite!

Khasta Kachori and Samosas

Eat your way through Kapoorthala and Aliganj: A localite’s food guide to Lucknow

Okay so if you’re in Lucknow and you really don’t know good khasta kachori places, I’m sorry for you, but honey I’ll help. Khasta, Kachori and samosas are a breakfast staple in this city and you’ve got to have some good ones.

1. Radhey Lal in Kapoorthala serves the most delicious kachori you’ll put in your mouth, the kachori is perfectly made with enough stuff to fill it and enough crunch to make it amazing.

2. Annapurna sweets at Sector Q, Aliganj serves the best khastas, period. Their khastas are perfect steaming round things fresh are out of the oil and they are served with a delicious aaloo mix. They also serve some of the flakiest and savoury samosas.

3. Sharma Chai has an outlet right across the street from Annapurna and the world knows Sharma ke samose toh hote hi badhiya hain!

4. Mahalaxmi Sweets: again you cannot find a better khasta, the best part about their’s, is the aaloo, it is spicy, hot and simply put, delicious.

Lassi and other Beverages

Eat your way through Kapoorthala and Aliganj: A localite’s food guide to Lucknow

The summers in this city are harsh and unforgiving but what keeps us a little sane through the hot days are the cooling beverages. From icy lassi to chilled shakes, the city has a lot to offer.

1. Safal Doodh Dairy: This small joint in Kapoorthala serves the best lassi I’ve ever had. Maybe its the consistency, maybe its the thick rabri mixed within or maybe its everything together. You’ll have to put an effort to find this one, it’s hidden behind an Al-baik.

2. Lassi corner at Ram-Ram bank chowraha: now this is the most famous lassi wala we’re talking about. He serves a very light, smooth, creamy blend of lassi with an added swirl of roohafza and we are all for it.

3. Aangan: This guy serves the most sinfully rich milk badam you can find in this side of the city, forget your Amul coolers for the desi version is the true version.

4. Milkshake Factory: Looking for a thick milkshake or maybe an extra creamy cold coffee? Give milkshake factory a go and you will be instantly put into food happiness.

And if you’re craving a good cup of tea try Sooo Tea Cafe and Nukkad Cafe and you won’t be disappointed.


Anurag Sweets famous for its Rasgullas

Anurag Sweets famous for its Rasgullas

If you’re looking for the ultimate palate cleansers, sweet dishes that will help you end your meal and a day on an extremely sweet note, have a look:

1. Anurag ke Rasgulle these are the best rasgullas you’ll find this side of the city period. The rasgulla’s are soft, supple, juicy and the perfect way to end any meal.

2. Pandit ji ke Dehati Rasgulle yes the name is innovative and yes they do serve great desi stuff. If you’re looking for a soft-buttery, soul-warming gulab jamuns, this is where you go to find some.

3. Mahalaxmi Sweets: So this is the most un-pretentious place to get the best sweets from. I would strongly recommend their fresh jalebis, son-papdi and moong daal ka halwa.

So take out those antacids, gather your friends and get ready to explore your city like never before, the biggest food adventure of your life awaits you.