Ekana & KD Singh Babu Stadiums in Lucknow to double up as mega vaccination centres from June 1

Ekana & KD Singh Babu Stadiums in Lucknow to double up as mega vaccination centres from June 1

Free bus transport facility available for women, elderly and the differently-abled citizens.

To augment the provisions of the mass inoculation drive from June 1, the district administration has decided to convert KD Singh Babu Stadium and Atal Bihari Bajpai International Ekana Stadium into mega vaccination centres. As per reports, these centres will be able to host up to 1,000 beneficiaries at one time, expediting the immunity campaign against the surging threat of coronavirus. The Chhota Imamabara too will be converted into a vaccination site.

Special provisions to boost vaccination in Lucknow

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The District Administration has also decided to launch a special bus provision to ensure a safe travel to the vaccination centres. These services will authorise free pick and drop facility to women, the elderly and the differently-abled people in the city.

In a meeting of the district administration, the Lucknow DM stated that a large open site in every tehsil, will be converted into a mega vaccination centre, from June 1. The centres will be provisioned to accommodate a capacity 1,000 beneficiaries at a time, he added. The DM further directed that each vaccination centre must be equipped with toilets, drinking water, a seating area and sanitisation facilities.

Other directives to boost the health infrastructure

Besides this, the administration has also issued a slew of instructions to lubricate the COVID-19 management systems in Lucknow. These primarily direct to monitoring committees to ensure 100% tracing and testing. These teams are also expected to provide daily reports about the distribution of medicines among symptomatic COVID patients.

All primary health centres and sub-centres have also been instructed to initiate operations. Each sub-centre has to arrange for one oxygen support bed, while each PHC has to set up 4 oxygen and 6 isolation beds, read reports. Similarly, community health centres have to ensure the availability of 30 oxygen beds.

Contact information of the COVID command centre will be broadcasted with the help of posters at all centres. The administration is also making efforts to launch the Ayushman Bharat Golden Card Campaign on large scale across all health care centres. As per orders, static texting booths should be set up in all CHCsm PHCs and sub-centres.

The administration has also instructed to increase testing at railway stations, airports and bus stops to prevent the spread of infection via travellers and commuters. The state has also tasked Deputy Collectors to prepare a list of public service centres in their jurisdiction which can be used as vaccination centres. They also need to encourage people to register for their vaccination shots there. Parallely, alert has been issued against dengue, malaria and other vector-borne diseases. The health department will ensure fogging and cleaning to arrest their rise ahead of the monsoon season.

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