Electric buses to be deployed for trial runs on THESE 10 routes in Lucknow!

Electric buses to be deployed for trial runs on THESE 10 routes in Lucknow!

400 buses will be introduced in the state under the first phase of the project, if the current trials are successful.

Stationed at the depot for a long time now, the 4 electric buses will soon be operational on the streets of Lucknow for trial runs. As per reports, it is expected that the trial runs will be initiated in the upcoming week and the preparations have begun already. It has been reported that the trial runs will be conducted for a period of one month and a special committee has been designated to evaluate the findings of the pilot project.

A string of locations to be covered in trail runs of the e-buses

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Reportedly, the scheme will be initiated by the District Development Minister. As per reports, trials will be conducted on these 10 routes-

Route No. Locations to be covered
1.Integral University, Gudamba, Awadh Hospital, Dubagga
2.Viraj Khand, Lohia Hospital, Charbagh, Alambagh, Ambedkar University
3.Dubagga, Awadh Hospital, Transport Nagar, Awadh Bus Station, Shaheed Path
4.Dubagga, Balaganj, Polytechnic, Awadh Bus Station, Chinhat Turn
5.Dubagga, Concrete Bridge, Daliganj Bridge, Swastha Bhawan, Lucknow University, Lohia Hospital
6.Madiyaon, Engineering College, Purania, GPO, Charbagh, Alambagh Crossing
7.Dubagga, Chowk, Engineering College, LU New Campus, AKTU
8.Viraj Khand, Husadiya Crossing, Patrakarpuram, GPO, Loco Turn, Alambagh Crossing
9.Dubagga, Awadh Hospital Crossing, Charbagh, Hazratganj, Arjunganj, Ambedkar University
10.Gudamba, Gayatri Temple, Loreto, Chhappan Bhog Chauraha, Telibagh, SGPGI

5-member expert committee to inspect the trial run of buses

With an objective to inspect the prototype buses, a 5-member expert committee has been set up. This includes the General Manager of the Transport Department, Project Director for the city buses, Joint Director, Service Manager and an engineer from the IIT. Reportedly, these officials will assess the trial run of the buses and prepare a detailed report with regards to it thereafter.

Buses will be brought to the state only after the results of this inspection are thoroughly analysed. As per reports, it has been planned that more than 400 buses will be introduced in the state under the first phase of the project, if the current trials are successful.

-With inputs from Dainik Jagran

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