Emergency helpline UP 112 continues to help us amidst Coronavirus crisis

The primary emergency helpline of the State, UP 112 continues operations even though it faces challenges while it works from home!

UP 112 is the emergency helpline of the state of Uttar Pradesh, integrating police, fire brigade, ambulance and other emergency services under the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS). However, due to the rising number of coronavirus cases in Lucknow, where it is headquartered, the team resorted to continue its operations and work from home. As the reality of this new system of working kicks in, the challenges it brings with itself come to the foreground.

The UP 112 is currently partially working from office and running a few shifts from home.

Is Work From Home really working for UP 112?

The UP 112 team remains undeterred at receiving calls from home as their office remains shut due to the increasing number of coronavirus cases in Lucknow and across the state. UP 112 emergency helpline receives calls for any and every emergency in the state, encompassing Police (100). fire (101), health(108), ambulance(102), women power helpline(1090), women helpline(181) and Chief Minister's helpline (1076).

In a conversation with Knocksense, Mahima Singh who works as a Communication Officer at UP 112 said that they received more calls than usual in a one day work shift at home that at office. 'During lockdown, the number of calls did shoot up. There was a limit to the number of calls that we received in a day at the office; the number of calls went way over that. A lot of people were stressed and tensed, owing to the situation', she further added. She has been working from home ever since March 28 and attended to about 200 calls in a work shift of 9 hours in a single day.

Not only this, the rate of call drops has also increased as the team faces several network issues. 'If there is a power cut, our calls drop. Even though we have UPS, but at times, it is not charged, or it is maxed out, our calls drop and we have to log out', said Mahima. She had to log out of her system for about 3 to 4 times during this tenure of work from home.

Spirit Undefeated

Even as the team continues to face new problems everyday, their spirit to serve, create awareness and cautiousness in people remains undefeated. Employing a very creative campaign with the police department, the helpline has put up posters on the pillars of the Lucknow city's metro system. These fun illustrations are PSAs for those essential and other non-essential workers who are stepping out of their houses with effect of Unlock 2.0.

UP 112

UP 112

Knock Knock

Help provided by UP 112 throughout lockdown-

Help for Food/Ration– 2,02,837 (with help of administration, NGOs and volunteers)
Help for medicine– 54,131
Help for Transport – 27,225
Blood donated – 34 units.

Though the crisis of a pandemic continues to burden each individual, these officers at UP 112 instill courage and humanity. They continue to work relentlessly everyday, attend calls, and spread awareness about the dos and don'ts during these tough times. It sure has helped maintain the calm in our civic lives. Let us celebrate our heroes and acknowledge their hard work!

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