Emraan Hashmi starrer ‘Cheat India’ to be shot in Lucknow, auditions for supporting cast to begin next week!

Emraan Hashmi starrer ‘Cheat India’ to be shot in Lucknow, auditions for supporting cast to begin next week!

Parul Agarwal

How clean do you think is the Indian education system? We all might have different opinions, but one thing which can’t be denied is that corruption has penetrated every sector, even education. It’s the crime and corruption in the Indian education system that Emraan Hashmi’s new movie is going to explore. Cheat India, is inspired by real incidents and will begin its shooting in Lucknow in mid-July and will stretch till August end.

Cheat India to be directed by Soumik Sen

The movie is being directed by Soumik Sen and its major portion will be shot in Lucknow, in which the entire supporting cast in the movie will be from UP. This is going to be one of the many movies, shot in the land of nawabs, and once again Lucknowites will rejoice seeing their homeland on the big screen.

In his interview with a leading newspaper, Tanuj Garg, one of the producers for this film, also mentioned that he is looking for actors and amateurs aged between 16-65 for the film. The auditions will begin next week onwards. So if you want to try your luck, be there at the right venue, at the right time, and who knows you might get a chance to appear on the big screen. Local actors in the supporting roles will add more authenticity to the film, and that is the reason for these auditions.

Garg also believes, that since many filmmakers have shot in Lucknow already, the people who work along, like hospitality providers, technicians, etc, have all got used to the environment, and they understand the working. So, it will be easy to shot in a place where people are acquainted with the work.

UP is also a true representation of the Hindi heartland and ‘Cheat India’ is a very rooted film, so Lucknow serves as the perfect location. But the most important thing, which acts as the deal-breaker, is UP’s film policy. The policy makes shooting in the state very cost-effective, which acts as an advantage for all film-makers!