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THESE 11 parks in Lucknow provide for quick breaks & solace amid the city's din!

Did you know that Lucknow's Janeshwar Mishra Park is claimed to be the largest park in Asia?

Housing an uncountable array of attractions, Lucknow is widely known for the way it celebrates its leisure moments. From sprawling gardens that have become symbols of a rich past to recently developed parks, the folks enjoy their happy moments at a string of magnetic recreational spots in the city.

Over time, the significance of some of these landmarks has evolved in such a way that they occupy a special place in Lucknow's tourism circle now. So, if you wish to have a joyful experience while here, here are 11 old and new parks in Lucknow that can rejuvenate your soul, promising you memories for a lifetime!

Janeshwar Mishra Park

Claimed to be the largest park in Asia, Janeshwar Mishra Park houses expansive green gardens interspersed by water bodies that have abundant varieties of fish and paved trails for us, to stroll comfortably. To top it all, the open-air gyms and children's area present here, makes it a treasured spot for the city dwellers.

Location: Gomti Nagar

Timings: 5 AM to 10 PM

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Park

If you are a routine jogger in Lucknow, we are sure that you have paved your way through the serene environs of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Park at least once. Adorned with an ambience that blossoms with bright flowers and green trees, the park can take you on a trail of finding your inner peace. A top favourite amongst city folks, Lohia Park is one of the oldest hang-out spots for the locals in Indira Nagar and Gomti Nagar.

Location: Vipin Khand, Gomti Nagar

Timings: 5 AM to 10 PM

Ambedkar Memorial Park

Touted as one of the notable tourist attractions in Lucknow, Ambedkar Memorial Park stands tall as a testament to the state's exquisite arts and craftsmanship. During the evenings, the shining lights augment the ambience, giving a heavenly look to its interiors and decor. If you wish to boast of the city's grandeur to your friends, then this unique landmark cannot be skipped.

Location: Vipul Khand, Gomti Nagar

Timing: 11 AM to 9 PM

Gomti Riverfront Park

Amongst a list of interesting developments witnessed on the banks of the River Gomti in the past decade, the scenic park built on its peripheries is one of the most significant ones. Trees, wind and water together, concoct an essentially enriching experience. If you have finally found that special one for long cosy walks, you have to consider this spot.

Location: Marine Drive, Gomti Nagar

Timings: 6 AM to 10 PM

Dilkusha Garden

Do you often crave to link your moments in the present to something in the past? If that answer is a yes, you will surely love being at Lucknow's Dilkusha Garden. Circumscribing structures and complexes built about two centuries ago, this park woos all your hearts with its ample endowments of nature and luscious greenery!

Location: Bibiapur Marg, Neil Lines, Cantonment

Timings: Open 24 hours

Begum Hazrat Mahal Park

Dedicated to a stalwart of the Indian freedom movement, Begum Hazrat Mahal, this park speaks volumes about Lucknow's heritage and history. Amongst its treasures are two beautiful fountains, stone pathways and a blossoming garden of bright and colourful flowers. Hosting multiple religious events, the park is also used for school programs and exhibitions.

Location: Rani Laxmi Bai Rd, Hazratganj, Lucknow

Timings: 6 AM to 9 PM

Butler Park

A haven for get-togethers and friendly outings, Butler Park has been a refreshing centre for Lucknowites for a long time. Now, the park is all set to be revamped into a one-of-a-kind facility equipped with pink toilets, pad vending machines and many more amenities. You can read more about it here!

Location: Qaisar Bagh, Lucknow

Timings: 5 AM to 11 PM

Eco Garden Park

If you're around the Alambagh area and wish to go for a brief walk, then you simply have to tour through the pathways of Eco Garden Park. Having a number of bronze animal statues and fountains, the park attracts a humongous count of city folks. Apart from this, the neatly arranged collection of plants can entice you in simply uncountable ways!

Location: Ashutosh Nagar, Sector H, Alambagh

Timings: 11 AM to 9 PM

Gautam Buddha Park

If fancy rides kick your endorphins, a day at Gautam Buddha Park is what you truly deserve. Loved by the kids and youngsters, this park encapsulates a range of interesting rides complemented by a soothing artificial lake, that offers boat rides too! Etched in the cherished nostalgia of Lucknowites, Buddha Park is where leisure meets peace.

Location: Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Iradat Nagar, Hasanganj

Timings: 8 AM to 8 PM

Haathi Park

If you grew up in Lucknow, it is highly probable that you have this park in your summertime memories. Surrounded by lush green fields, the cemented elephant in the middle enraptures young and old, alike. While it is joyous to watch the magnificent structure, you can also climb your way to the elephant's back moving right inside its tummy!

Location: Daliganj

Timings: 10 AM to 6 PM

Nimbu Park

Placed a few metres away from the Bada Imamabada, Nimbu Park is another destination of delights for your family outings. Bestowed with the best of trees and flowering plants, this garden promises unequalled serenity. Be it a silent stroll or an engaging conversation with your loved one, Ninbu Park is suited for umpteen purposes!

Location: Machchi Bhawan, Lucknow

Timings: 8 AM to 8 PM

Knock Knock

While this may not the best time to head out with your gang of buddies, we know that it is always difficult to find the right spot when you finally settle your plans. Now, that you have this comprehensive list to resolve all the confusion, you can surely materialise your manouvres in the best ways possible. So save this link and feed it in your memory and you will thank us later!

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Fighting against hunger, THESE 5 NGOs are a silver lining for the needy in Lucknow!

This World Food Day, get to know about these 5 NGOs fighting against hunger in Lucknow

There is an abundance of food-delivery apps in the market today that have managed to reduce the gap between your homes and restaurants. However, there is no such modern solution to bridge the long-prevailing gap between a one-time meal and the underprivileged. No matter how developed any city in India is today, the issue of hunger is a prominent one everywhere, and Lucknow is no exception.

But keeping intact our faith in humanity, are certain groups and individuals who're working round the clock to ensure that each day, the number of people going to sleep hungry, reduces significantly. This World Food Day, get to know about 5 NGOs working towards this cause and provide them with your support however you can. A little help goes a long way!

Akshaya Patra Foundation

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a non-profit organisation spread across India that operates a school lunch programme (Mid-Day meal). Established in the year 2000, the aim of this organisation is to counter classroom hunger and aid in the education of children. Reportedly, it feeds more than 18 lakh children every day, across the country. With its presence in several cities including Lucknow, the Akshaya Patra Foundation also worked to distribute food among the migrant workers during the COVID crisis last year. Donate to this noble cause by clicking on the website link attached below.

Contact: 097924 48359

Website: The Akshaya Patra Foundation

The Robin Hood Army

The Robin Hood Army is a volunteer-based organisation that was established in 2014 by Neel Ghose and Arushi Batra. This establishment works to get surplus food from restaurants and the community, to serve less fortunate people. The idea behind the conception of this NGO is to create self-sustained chapters across the world, that will look after its local community. Like all the other chapters, Lucknow Chapter of this volunteer-based organisation conducts various drives across the city. If you wish to become a part of this group log on to their official website now!

Contact: Send a mail on

Website: The Robin Hood Army

Roti Bank

Roti Bank is a citizen led organisation who's primary aim is to provide food to the needy. To attain this goal, Roti Bank has a team spread across the country including a bunch in Lucknow that is purely dedicated to the cause. Roti bank collects left-over and excess food from homes and events and distributes it among the needy. One can donate in cash or kind or even volunteer to become a part of this thoughtful initiative. Click on the website link to know more about this organisation.

Contact: 7905881802

Website: Roti bank Lucknow

Vijay Sri Foundation

Vijay Sri Foundation is a non-government organization, that was launched in the year 2009 in Lucknow. The main objective of this organisation was the distribution of food to the needy poor in hospitals. Initially, home-cooked food packets were distributed among attendants of poor patients admitted in various wards of Lucknow's King George Medical College. Gradually, the operations grew to other hospitals in the city as well. Currently, around 900 patients are served food everyday, under its "Prasadam Sewa" campaign. To join their team or contribute monetarily, log on to their official website.

Contact: 099358 88887

Website: Prasadam Sewa

Feeding India

Found in the year 2014, Feeding India was formed to solve the complex challenges of food wastage, malnutrition and hunger in India. As a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Zomato acquired this organisation in 2019 to deal with these issues. With its presence in Lucknow, Feeding India by Zomato designs interventions to decrease hunger among the communities that are underserved. If you wish to donate or know more about this organisation check out their official website.

Contact: Write to them here

Website: Feeding India

Knock Knock

Even though these organisations are working hard to improve the situation, it is upon all of us to make sure that we don't waste food and do whatever we can to help and feed the poor. To fight and beat the global problem of hunger, a collective effort is a must!

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