Enjoy wood-fired pizzas by the pool at the brand new Pizza Square in Lucknow

Enjoy wood-fired pizzas by the pool at the brand new Pizza Square in Lucknow

Authentic wood-fired crust with homemade sauce, delish toppings & a kickass vibe, await you at the Pizza Square

If an authentically crafted pizza with oozy warm cheese, fresh toppings and a drizzle of seasoning, is on your mind all the time, this new place in Lucknow is sure to pull your heart strings! Pizza Square by Club Momentz is the town's first-of-its-kind LIVE pizza bar, serving you the traditional Neopolitana and New York style wood-fired pizzas by the pool for the happy, cheesy times.

The only kind of cheesy we like to be! 

Continuing with its quest to deliver only the best in Lucknow, Club Momentz is finally home to a giant wood-fired pizza oven, sourced from culinary master, Chef Mayank of Your First Kitchen himself. So to no one's surprise, the technique of making these pizzas, from the kneading of dough, prepartions of the sauces to the infusion of flavours and the art of firing it all up in that 300-kg oven stationed here, everything at Pizza Square is topped with a seasoning of gourmet!

And before you think that a meal here will cost you a lot, let's fire that miconception for you too! Pizza Square is priced economically, so much so that you can pull your entire gang for a big treat, anytime.

When here for the big-binge, you will be quite surprised at the expansive range of pizzas here. The list of must-haves at the Pizza Square is really long but if you are asking us, you need to try their Pesto Mushroom Pizza and Hawaiian pizza without fail.

And for all the other customisations and your love for 'craft your own pizza' they've got quite a deal for you! Ofcourse, the toppings are always easy to customise but do you know you can pick a base, your sauce and the kind of seasoning here too?

Well, now you do - Pizza Square in Lucknow will spoil you with options. In addition to their 10-12 inch wide NY-style thin crust and Neopolitana sour-base, you have the choice to pick your sauce too, which btw is completely prepared from scratch here.

For the spread, you have the handmade San Marizo sauce, a pesto sauce, and an all-new sweet-corn sauce or the divine béchamel sause to define the flavours of fun on your pizza. As far as the seasoning is concerned, you can ditch the regular oregano and chilli flakes and drizzle a heavy chilli and herb oil too! Now does that not sound like deal, cheesy enough to pull-through?

They really said, Salame Napoli

While Pizza Square is surely bringing a slice of naples to your town, it's also got a special Lakhnawi-twist to it to tantalise our desi taste buds! Prolly the first in town to offer a Galawati pizza in town, this place has really got every fusion trick ready to make you fall in love!

Going beyond it's name and signature serving, the Pizza Square also has an exquisite menu of slow-cooked food, also made in the woodfire oven here. Adding a variety to your spread, hence, you can order calzones, country style roasted chicken or even the chicken breast and most definitely hope for the food coma to strike.

And that's not all! Pizza Square also offers a range of exclusive deals on beverages to go along with your crusty bite! So be it a crafty cocktail and mixed mocktail, let your indulgence pour heartily when here.

Knock Knock

Be it for a Netflix binge watch session or a sleepover with friends, pizza always has our back! So if you wanna give into the temptation of a perfectly crafted meal on your plates, whenever the cravings rumble, Pizza Square is the place for you!

The folks here have opened in-club dining till 12 midnight and for munching sessions post that, you can order via Swiggy or Zomato it till 2 AM.

Location: Club Momentz, Vibhuti Khand, Lucknow

Enjoy wood-fired pizzas by the pool at the brand new Pizza Square in Lucknow
Club Momentz in Lucknow invites all for happy times!

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