Enter the Void, Lucknow's newest bar straight outta sci-fi movie

Enter the Void, Lucknow's newest bar straight outta sci-fi movie

New place alert

Void: (noun), a large empty space.

Large, sure, empty, not so much. The Void Bar is the newest hangout spot for all you folks who are looking for some techno, hip-hop, EDM and house beats. For a long time, Lucknowites have asked for a premium party place, with European underground elements, and the Void bar delivers in every respect.

Focusing on fusion food, a lively ambience, and high-powered, neon-lit parties, the Void bar is coming to town to fill the void in your life very soon. So, gear up for blurry nights and limitless partying because you're gonna be sucked into the Void!

Don't Avoid the Void!

We all know what most bars look like, and what they offer, but the Void is something straight out of a sci-fi movie. The lights are dazzling to say the least and will leave you agape with wonder coz there are lights everywhere, and they zip past you in all shapes and colours, giving an immensely unique atmosphere.

From the eye-catching entrance, to the mesmerizing light show that's always on inside, everything about this place calls to you, and appeals to the inner party demon within. The aesthetic is modern, artsy and underground inspired.

Each of the tables are quite far apart, and feel like a VIP area in itself. There is ample room for you to dance around and get your feet tapping. Speaking of that, the music here is mostly techno based, which is great if you're looking to truly forget the world outside the Void.

In fact, the folks here at the Void also satiate the unending pit that is our stomach. The menu here is expansive, and you can rest assured that you're going to have some tasty bites to nibble on while you indulge in drinking, dancing and partying.

Knock Knock

So, if you were looking for a party place that truly lets you go all out and unwind, the Void is where it's at. Groove to peppy beats, and live your underground party fantasy right here at Void!

Where: Third Floor, Summit Building, Vibhuti Khand, Lucknow.

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