Donning a brand new vibe, Eos Bar & Bistro is now open & serving in Lucknow!

Donning a brand new vibe, Eos Bar & Bistro is now open & serving in Lucknow!

Eos has turned around its vibe for the best experience for all the town's folks & we can't wait to plan a chilling sesh here

Making a grand comeback to Lucknow's party stage, Eos Bar & Bistro has reopened its gates for the first time since the pandemic, and we're going gaga over its remodelled avatar. With Indo-French aesthetics and luxe interiors along with a new menu, Eos has turned around its vibe for the best experience for all the folks in town and how! So if you too can't wait to plan a chilling sesh here, like us, check out the deets below:

Let's get the party started!

The Eos Bar & Bistro is back and kicking in Lucknow and you're invited to join in the rave for a hot and happening night, amidst its new chill vibes! This premium offering by Levana at Hazratganj now boasts of a brick-lined look with separate open-terrace seating, classy polished interiors, a well-lit bar, an inviting deck to give you a brand-new experience! And if you ask us, this is all you need to get the fun rolling, with your partyholic gang!

The food offerings of an all-new menu greet you at the bistro, to make your party a whole lot flavourful and vibrant! From the crusty goodness of wood-fired and hand-rolled pizzas along with specials like Buddha Bowl salads and Vada Pav sliders to Irani Fish Tikka or Spicy Rock Chicken Fingers, this gourmet range embraces flavours from around the world and brings it to you, garnished in the Eos special sizzle!

For the tipsy souls

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If you're feeling a little more exotic, you can also devour their grande plate Homemade Ricotta & Spinach Ravioli with cream cheese sauce or much on EOS’ Desi Chicken Tikka Maki Roll, to satiate those hunger pangs. You can also add their signature whisky Risky Tea or Mango-rush vodka to your spread and make it a lavish meal!

But that's not all! The Eos Bar is also concocting the pour of crafty drinks, like Rose-Gin-Mary, Rosemary Julep and Bourbon Leaves to make the night all the more memorable for you (or maybe not! The Eos Hangover is real you guys).

Catch Harnoor live at Eos

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If all that talk about food and drinks has left you wanting to hit Eos Bar & Bistro now, we have a little something more for you to get the plans rolling for sure! Punjabi music sensation, Harnoor is going to perform LIVE at Eos on March 11, giving you just enough time to chalk those plans with friends, family or bae and reel in its magical feels, like never before! In-house DJ Logan will also tease the music deck to make sure that Friday night at Eos is the talk of the town, for days to come!

Pro tip: Eos is going to be the town's favourite party spot on March 11! Get your tickets now, from Book My Show or Paytm Insider now for finding one at the 11th hour can be quite a task.

Knock Knock

If you're in the mood to get something new and musical to kickstart the weekend, Eos Bar & Bistro fits the bill! Be it a hangout with friends or date night with your sweetheart, make a beeline to this place and rest assured, you won't be disappointed.

Location: Hotel Levana, 72 M G Marg, Adjacent to Tej Kumar Plaza, Hazratganj

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