Expand your library with Lock the Box Book Fair at Lucknow's Shalimar Gateway Mall, June 1-9!

Expand your library with Lock the Box Book Fair at Lucknow's Shalimar Gateway Mall, June 1-9!

Don't miss the chance to be a part of a book fair, a book launch and a giveaway.

Hey bibliophiles, listen up! Shalimar Gateway Mall in Lucknow has turned into book-lover's paradise with the "Lock the Box" Book fair by Bookchor, happening from June 1 to June 9.

But hold onto your bookmarks because here's the twist, instead of just buying books, you get to buy a box filled with multiple reads. Meaning thereby, you need to pay for the box and not for the books! Ready to dive into the literary adventure of a lifetime?

Shop for your box of literary gems

With three intriguing options, book lovers can choose their treasure chest:

  1. The "Odysseus" box at ₹1199, snugly fitting 10-12 books.

  2. The "Perseus" box for ₹1999, accommodating around 17-20 volumes.

  3. The majestic "Hercules" box, priced at ₹2999, capable of holding a staggering 25-30 reads.

With over 80,000 books to explore, there's a literary gem waiting for every eager reader's discovery.

About Shalimar Gateway Mall X Lock the Box Giveaway!

But wait, there's more! Shalimar Gateway Mall is ramping up the thrill with an exclusive giveaway. Participants have the chance to win their next read – talk about literary luck!

How to join the fun?

  1. Follow @shalimargatewaymall & @book.chor on Instagram.

  2. Share three books you're itching to get your hands on.

  3. Spread the word by sharing this post in your stories and tag @shalimargatewaymall & @book.chor.

Here's the deal-

  1. No fake or giveaway accounts allowed.

  2. Winners must collect their prize at Shalimar Gateway Mall, Lucknow.

  3. Extra tags earn brownie points.

  4. Three random comments will be selected as winners, so comment away to boost your chances!

  5. This giveaway is exclusively for Lucknow residents.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to score your next literary adventure.

Be a part of Akshat Gupta's book launch

Not only this! Get ready for an exclusive opportunity to meet acclaimed author Akshat Gupta, celebrated for his gripping trilogy "The Hidden Hindu," at the launch of his latest literary masterpiece.

Mark your calendars for June 7, 5:30 PM, at Shalimar Gateway Mall. Don't miss this chance to mingle with the literary genius himself!

Just 3 days left!

Book lovers, time's ticking! With just three days left, don't miss out on the Lock the Box book fair. With the scorching heat making it hard to shake off your laziness, Shalimar Gateway Mall has got you covered. The mall is directly connected to the Metro from the first floor, so you can skip the sweat and ride the Metro straight into a world of books.

What are you waiting for? Dive into a realm of literary wonders and seize the chance to explore boundless possibilities. See you there!

When- June 1- June 9 | 11 AM- 10 PM

Where- Shalimar Gateway Mall, Lucknow.

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