Expect a scorching week in Lucknow as the mercury is set to rise in the next few days

Expect a scorching week in Lucknow as the mercury is set to rise in the next few days

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Lucknow had seen a little relief with light showers and storm last week but the new forecasts expect the weather to change for the worse. The weather is expected to remain above the 40 degrees mark, with moderate to weak hot winds. Temperature in the city is expected to rise over the next few days, the forecast predicts a constant dry and hot spell.

What's the update?

The temperature in Lucknow is expected to remain below the 40 degrees mark today but over the next few days you can expect things to get a little hot. The maximum temperature in the city is predicted to be at 40, 41, 43, 43 and 42 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, respectively. While the minimum temperature of the city is expected to be around 27-26 degrees throughout the weeks.

The wind speed is expected to remain moderate but it may create loo like conditions in the city.

Is there any relief?

The temperature is expected to remain constant over the next 10 days with the maximum temperature remaining 2-3 degrees over the normal mark. Though a western disturbance over Pakistan may head towards the plains, it's impact is expected to be insignificant to minimal.

What to expect?

The weather conditions are not expected to let up. You can expect long, hot and windy days with very less humidity. 'Loo' like conditions may also develop in the city hence it would be prudent to take precautions to avoid heat strokes and dehydration.