Experience the rich taste of Middle East at Doner & Gyros in Lucknow!

Experience the rich taste of Middle East at Doner & Gyros in Lucknow!

Craving a shawarma? D&G in Lucknow is where you need to be!

Lucknowites, have you tried the amazing Greek & Lebanese fusion food at Doner & Gyros already? One of the newest joins in Lucknow that offers two very interesting cuisines is now open in Gomti Nagar, and is sure to become your new favourite too! So, if you've been looking for authentic shawarma, gyros, pita falafel, wraps and doners, all of it cooked in traditional style, Doner & Gyros in Lucknow, is where you need to be.

Dive into the world of Lebanese food

Doner & Gyros has a lively vibe, which makes it a place you can visit at any time throughout the day. You can step in here on your office break, after working out, early in the morning, or if you're just in the mood for catching a break after a long day!

Spread Hummus, not Hate!

Here's where things get exciting because they offer a wide range of meal options, contrary to what the name may suggest. You can pick from healthy meal platters, rice bowls, protein filled pita bread falafels, or a wrap. Almost everything here is grilled or baked, and even the oil used is healthy, Olive Oil.

The rice bowls and salads come in various flavours, and you can mix and match depending on your diet, as well as your taste. The bowls and salads are topped to the brim with meat and vegetables- an instant energizer after a long day's work.

Authentic Shawarmas
Authentic Shawarmas

It's not just the salads and rice bowls which are healthy- the wraps and falafels share the same philosophy. The wraps are quite similar to our Indian Kathi Roll, but the spin here is the Lebanese bread, Mediterranean style preparation of veggies and meats, as well as the special sauces that go into bringing the authentic taste of the Middle East.

No Middle Eastern cuisine is complete without shawarma, and these guys offer the real deal. Massive chicken chunks, wrapped in an authentic pita bread. The same goes for the Greek Gyros, which are as authentic as you can get this side of the Suez.

While the wraps and falafels are meals in themselves, you would do well to go with some of the side dishes. The offerings include loaded nachos, topped fries, as well as cheesy tater tots, just to name a few.

Doner & Gyros puts an end to the woes of deciding between tasty food, or food that's good for your body- because they offer it all. Even if you're a good eater, the proportions of each dish will woo you, and you should surely bring a friend along to help you wipe the plates clean.

Did we even mention the amazing spreads they offer with every dish? Well, their hummus is freshly made, and served with almost all menu offerings, a cornerstone of every authentic Lebanese meal.

Wood Fired Pizza
Wood Fired Pizza

If you're in the mood for some pizza, they have specially wood fired pizzas, which can give the top pizza joints a run for their money.

Knock Knock

If you've been looking for a hangout spot with an off-beat atmosphere, good food and consistent taste, Doner & Gyros has got your back. The joint is ideal for youngsters, gym enthusiasts, foodies and all those looking for a different, more authentic Lebanese taste.

Location: DLF MyPad

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