Familiar, crispy & fulfilling — that's how we remember Lucknow's iconic Shukla Chaat House

Familiar, crispy & fulfilling — that's how we remember Lucknow's iconic Shukla Chaat House

Get going for a refreshing paani-puri session at the OG Shukla Chaat House.

A huge contributor to Lucknow's street food scenes, Shukla Chaat House has been a household name for decades now. Their famous Matar Tikki Chaat is a joy that every pure Lucknowite has, at least once in life, experienced and lived. And no matter how many new places pop up with Lucknow's ever-growing food scene, this place is something localites always love coming back to. If your mouth is watering already, just at the mention of Shukla Chaat House's tikki, you know where you need to next next.

Holding a legacy of 54 long years, the chaat shop has seen Awadh grow and how! Read on to know about this iconic bhandaar, owned by Dinesh Shankar Shukla, which was first started by his father.

Let's 'chaat' about it

Set up in 1968, this extremely economical shop serves all items at ₹60 per plate. The street food includes Aalo tikki, Matar tikki, Dahi bada, Paapri chaat, Dahi chatni ke batashe, and, of course, the evergreen Pani batashe (at ₹20 per plate)!

And what's special about Shukla Chaat is that their masale are homemade. The khade masale are indigenously cleaned, grounded, mixed and produced, on a daily basis, thus, keeping things fresh and delicious.

The chaat point, a small corner on the Church road in Hazratganj, is run by the four Shukla brothers, who say they're blessed to be entertaining the huge crowds of chaat-lovers that constantly surround the shop.

Lucknow aake Shukla Chaat nahi khaya, toh kya kiya?

People, Lucknow aake ye nahi kiya toh kya kiya?! Try the blissful and scrumptious chaat patta that will remind you of home (and your bachpan)! Familiar, sweet yet tangy, satisfying, crispy and fulfilling — that's how we define Shukla Chaat House in Lucknow.

Address: Church building, 11, Shahnajaf Rd, Hazratganj, Lucknow

Timings: 2:30 PM - 10:30/11 PM

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