Feature of the month: The story of Lucknow’s fastest growing event managers- “Storytellers”

Feature of the month: The story of Lucknow’s fastest growing event managers- “Storytellers”

Made in Heaven on Amazon Prime actually created a rush amidst us and how we wished to be a part of their event planning stories and more! We have a brief idea about how these companies actually evolve from just an idea and revolutionize the lives of people.

Similarly in Lucknow, a sibling duo have been taking over prominent events in Lucknow and honestly, we’re really excited writing about them!

Storytellers is an event planning company that started last year in September and they have been penning stories through events like no other!

The story behind the name actually stems from their vision of narrating a story through their decor and execution and they also believe that every event has a story to tell!

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"It's all in the details"

The Storytellers know that any event at all, irrespective of its size, is a crucial moment in a client’s life so they strive hard to achieve perfection in every aspect- "It's all in the details!”

Founded by

A cousin-duo, Payal Gupta Chandra and Anirudh Gupta with a passion for crafting and managing multiple tasks together entwined in a vision of doing something they love, Storytellers came in to play!

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Siblings Payal Gupta Chandra and Anirudh Gupta, Founders of Storytellers!

But aren't event managers out of the commoners aukaat?

Surprisingly, Storytellers is within EVERYONE’S BUDGET!

Storytellers is well-aware that not everyone can spend a bomb on the decor section of a party so with reasonable rates and premier efforts, their final product is worth every hype and penny!

They offer services for all kinds of events like birthdays parties, anniversary parties, baby shower, engagement parties, private parties, showroom decor, photoshoot setups and the list goes on!. They also arrange and manage special requests from the clients and their deliverables are worth your Instagram stories for sure.

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Storytellers is all about creating and carrying out personalized and innovative events that meets your needs and desires like no other so check ‘em out here!

Get on a call with them at +91 97217 90158 and get preppin’ for your big day!

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