Book your tickets for the Ritviz show in Lucknow on Feb 23 now, ‘coz tickets are selling out fast

With a kick-ass vision to conduct a face-lift on Lucknow's music scene and nightlife, Astral Sounds had conducted a Sundowner Fest last year, which kept Lucknowites yenning for more such nights.

So heeding to the demands of the party folks here in Lucknow, Astral Sounds is back with AT.MOS 2.0 featuring Ritviz, this February and Carnival of Dreams is where we're all heading to.

What's Happening?

On the 23rd of February at Carlton Hotel, you can catch the Carnival of Dreams, 11 AM onwards and just like its predecessor in September last year, AT.MOS 2.0 will be an evening packed with the best crowd of the city and great music coupled with wild wilddd fun! For this event, Astral Sounds has roped in the massively popular artiste, Ritviz, who will be coming over to Lucknow for the first time ever and he's gonna take over the console and crowds with his charms and bass heavy beats.

All about AT.MOS 2.0

That's not all. To keep Ritviz company on stage, the deck duties will also be handled by DJ SickFlip from Mumbai, who has performed at venues like The Sunburn Festival, NH7 Weekender, VH1 Supersonic, to name a few amidst the others. These two entertainers will be joined by the utterly in-demand DJ Nash Jr., who has an expertise in transitioning between various genres and from analog turntables to Pioneer CDJs, this DJ has some smoooooth tricks for it all, up his sleeves.

Now after this really good news, you must be wondering about the charges and the nitty-gritties of the event and like alwaaaays, we have all the details covered. Snag the regular tickets at just ₹799 but if you're coming with your gang of 5, you can avail the tickets at a price of ₹7500, which will include 5 beers, 4 Monster drinks and 2 water bottles!

But if you're a group of 10, you can pay up ₹15,000 and you can choose between a bottle of whiskey or 10 beers and you'll also be served 5 Monster drinks, 2 Cokes and 2 water bottles along with free parking inside the venue.

AT.MOS schedule and how to book the ticket

The event will begin at 12PM on the 23rd of February but we suggest you to reach the venue by 11am. Our favourite, Ritviz's performance is the show stopper and it will begin at 9PM.

You can book your ticket through Knocksense's booking platform at no extra cost. Yes you read this right, we are not charging any Internet handling fee or convenience fee, just click on the below given button and book your ticket. For any issues related to booking on Knocksense, you can contact our support executive at +917007426693. Our support person is here to address your queries from 10am to 7pm and you can also reach out on Whatsapp. After your booking, you will receive an email with Payment ID. This 'payment id' is all you need to enter the venue.

Knock Knock

Before the music fest starts, you can even be a part of a biker show, powered by Royal Enfield and it's gonna warm you up for the evening to come.

We can't stop imaging dreamy scenarios from the upcoming party in our heads- like hair flips in slo-mo, smiling faces amidst flashing lights and shaking a leg with buddies, like there's no tomorrow. All in all, it's gonna be a partaayyy which'll be wayyyy too happening for you to miss out on and it's gonna be a Sunday to remember, for a really long darn time.

So with Ritviz coming to town this February, we see no reason for you to sit this one out. Grab your tickets ASAP because parties like these, don't happen every weekend.

Location: Carlton Hotel

Date & Timings: 23rd of February, 11 AM onwards

Book your tickets- Book here

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