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Fee hike prohibited for 2021-22 academic session in schools across Lucknow & other UP districts!

The schools will follow the fee structure similar to the one deployed in 2019-20 session.

Amid the dire effects of the pandemic, the state government has come to the rescue of parents and guardians of school-going kids. As per the latest directive, schools of all educational boards across the state are prohibited from increasing the fee amount for the academic session 2021-22. As per reports, the schools will charge the same fees for the current academic year as it was levied for the session 2019-20.

No fee hike for the second year in a row

The latest decision was announced by the Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, who mentioned that a large number of families have suffered severely on the financial front, which makes it necessary to safeguard them. Previously, the incidence of the first wave had led to unsettling repercussions for everyone and the schools were asked to charge an amount in alignment with the 2019-20 fee structure. Now, this tally with continue for one more year.

Compensations to be made in future in case elevated fee was charged

Further, the Deputy CM also stated that schools will have to make compensatory adjustments in the future, if they had taken increased fee amounts, till now. He added that transportation fees must not be charged for the period that the schools were shut.

If a parent is unable to pay an advance fee for three months, he/she must not be coerced for it and the amount can be collected on a monthly basis. Additionally, fees related to things like computers, sports, science laboratories, library, the annual function must not be levied for the time that these facilities are not being provided.

Reportedly, the deputy CM also stated that the current month's fee must be adjusted in the future if a student has infected parents at home and files a written application for deferring the fee. It is to be noted that the school administrations have been ordered to ensure that the members of both the teaching and non-teaching staff are paid on time.

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