Offering a glam chic setup paired with the best of fine dine, Firefly is Lucknow's newest party hub

Offering a glam chic setup paired with the best of fine dine, Firefly is Lucknow's newest party hub

Lucknow's newest premium fine dine, Firefly is where you should be this weekend!

A new entrant in the list of gems which adorn Gomti Nagar's Rohtas Summit, Firefly seated on the 15th floor, is a visual treat for people who don't want to just party but experience a night of refined luxuries. Bringing with itself an array of pan Asian selections along with other cuisines and a vibe which will get you all turnt up, Firefly is opening up its shutters tomorrow and you've got hop in for a memorable evening ahead!

This place gives you wings!

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Upon entering the swanky premises, you'll be greeted with a pair of wings that light up according to the colour of your outfit and they flutter too! Imagine if the entry point is so charming, then what the rest of the space holds- trust us, you're gonna be blown away. Going further, the firefly lights ornamenting the ceiling will definitely catch your attention and it looks even more magical when they switch to different shades (156 to be precise), as per the music and ambience!

But if you look to your right, the floor-to-ceiling glass windows will grace your eyes with a panoramic view of the city and the spacious seating arrangements, will grab your attention next. Honestly, the interiors are an example of exemplary beauty paired with the sophistication of an elite lounge and contemporary sensibilities. The ambience is chic with tones of golden, black and other complimenting onslaughts of hues, which make for a spectacle worth our Instagram feeds. Firefly fits right in, like a missing piece of a puzzle in Lucknow's nightlife scenes and we're absolutely diggin' it!

To have your hips swinging and hair flipping, they've made the finest of all arrangements. Firefly houses a CDJ-3000 setup, which is absolutely exclusive in Uttar Pradesh and we cannot wait for the music here to drown out our thoughts. Further, they also have provisions of a private dining room, which mutes the furore stemming from the dancefloor or the dining areas outside.

For your palate & Instagram!

This premium fine dine which doubles up as a brewery as well, has a menu which has our foodie hearts by the love handles! They offer a plethora of choices which will have you drooling and craving for more. Be it the Chinese main course, Indian appetizers, Continental soups or the Oriental sides, you're gonna be licking the plates off the last crumbs. Simultaneously, to wash it all down, they have crafted a number of mocktails, which are surely a work of art. For the last lap, wrap up your meal with their array of desserts and you'll know what a happy ending tastes like! We'd recommend the Firefly Chocolate Ball Flambe, if you're looking for a slice of magic.

So what we're saying is-

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If you've been waiting to step out this weekend and have been looking for a place to do the same, then here's your cue to pull up at Firefly. Be it for a few crafty mocktails with buddies or simply for a fine-dine session with family, you're gonna love each minute spent here.

So give Firefly a chance to host you because once here, you'll know why we're rooting for it- the offbeat vibes, an expansive range of delish fares and so many other elements, has us swooning out of our heads! All of it amalgamates to provide for an experience which is absent from the generic chaos of the regular chill hubs here in the vicinity.

Location: 15th floor, Rohtas Summit, Gomti Nagar

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