First of its kind in UP, Amber Cosmetology in Lucknow is here for all your aesthetic needs

First of its kind in UP, Amber Cosmetology in Lucknow is here for all your aesthetic needs

This cosmetology clinic offers various hair, body, and skin treatments using advanced equipments.

With the ever increasing pollution and heat, skin care often takes a back seat. Coming to your rescue, Amber cosmetology in Lucknow is your one step solution for a painless treatment. With evidence based, USFDA approved, time tested equipments, Dr. Naznin at Amber, aims to deliver top-quality treatments.

In the post-pandemic era, people have become increasingly aware of the importance of self care, looking good, and feeling confident. Amber Cosmetology is proud to offer superior services at their state-of-the-art, luxurious clinic, built to enhance the beauty of it‘s customers.

An aura you can trust 

It can be intimidating to entrust someone with the care of your face or body. Rest assured, Amber Cosmetics will make you feel right at home with their soothing ambiance and top-notch services.

Their premises are beautifully decorated with warm shades of white, gold, and green, creating an atmosphere of comfort and luxury. Paired with high-tech equipment, they've got everything for your glow up!

Highly advanced machines and services

You name it, they have it! With some of the choicest paraphernalia available in the market, Amber Cosmetology is utilising all of them for best results.

Did you know that Lucknow is the first city in Uttar Pradesh to offer cutting-edge equipments like SYLFIRM X – Micro Needling Radio-Frequency and ULTRAFORMER 3 – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound? They are committed to providing the best services and are always on the lookout for the most advanced technologies. Plus their mind-blowing, CM SLIM - High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer can make you perform almost 30,000 crunches while lying on a bed, crazy, right?! But that’s not all, they also have the original hydra-facial to help improve the overall skin texture, tone, and appearance of their customers.

At Amber Cosmetology, a plethora of services such as botox, dermal fillers, vascular pigmentation, skin tightening, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, skin rejuvenation, melasma treatment, tattoo removal, and laser hair removal are available for you to choose from. The clinic even offers lymphatic treatment to help rejuvenate your gut!

Consultancy service by Dr. Naznin Holia

If aesthetic medicine is an art, then Dr. Naznin Holia is an artist. One needs to have an eye to appreciate the beauty in people and utilise their knowledge of aesthetic medicine to enhance one's appearance. Here, at Amber Cosmetology, you are not only in trusted hands but also with an experienced dermatologist, who can guide and inspire you for that quintessential head to toe look. 

Passionate about skin care, anti-aging treatment, Amber Cosmetology is your one stop solution with exemplary international standards treatment in Lucknow.

Highly lucrative offers for early bird customers 

It's possible that you've assumed that the services would be expensive and out of your budget. However, Amber Cosmetology offers high-quality services at affordable prices. With the best possible rates as compared to Delhi or Mumbai, Amber Cosmetology is not only economical but has amazing offers for select few customers.

Amber Cosmetology also provides free-of-cost services to underpriveleged girls, helping them to gain confidence.

Knock Knock

Today, medical science has made it possible for us to explore new heights given access to right procedures. Amber Cosmetology, believes in revealing the beautiful potential of their customers’ skin and letting them embrace the best-looking versions of themselves! Launched in December of 2022, this luxurious clinic is an ideal combination of art and science.

Amber Cosmetology centre is still dropping some too good to be true offers. With one session free with every package of four hydra facials (deluxe or platinum), and limited exclusive prices for most services, drop in and experience the magic yourself. For that eternal extra bounce in your step and confidence.

Contact : 9519993785

Address : 2nd floor, 3/551, Vivek Khand 2, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, 226010

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