Fitness enthusiasts in Lucknow soon to be gifted with UP's first cycling track arena!

Fitness enthusiasts in Lucknow soon to be gifted with UP's first cycling track arena!

Expected to be built at a cost of ₹159 crores, the indoor velodrome shall benefit a large count of health and fitness enthusiasts.

Amid a string of innovative projects, Lucknow has stepped up the staircase of development through the past decade. Adding to its sprawling infrastructure of parks, stadiums and sports complexes, the city is all set to get an indoor velodrome at Guru Gobind Singh Sports College campus, now. This cycling track arena will be the first of its kind facility in the state of Uttar Pradesh and it is expected to benefit a large count of citizens, including health and fitness enthusiasts.

Centre to host national and international tournaments in future

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Approving the project in a cabinet meeting on Monday, the government has allocated a sum of ₹159 crores for the establishment of this indoor velodrome. Mr. R.P. Singh, Director of Sports, Uttar Pradesh informed that there is no cycling track in the state, where the athletes can practice. With the inception of this new facility, athletes and sports lovers from Lucknow and different regions of UP will be advantaged in umpteen ways.

It is expected that Lucknow velodrome will also help in bringing national and international tournaments to the city. Encouraged by this, a number of youths interested in sports shall be able to pursue their passion and improve their skills. Thereby, it can be anticipated that multifaceted benefits shall accrue to the residents across the state once this facility is completed. Further, the administration may also work on more interventions in the future, depending on the success of this initiative.

Cycling, a lively and exhilarating activity

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Besides being a rejuvenating activity, regular cycling promises a gamut of health benefits too. While you can combat obesity with cycling, it can be conducive to improving strength and endurance too. Besides, the interesting nature of this exercise also encapsulates the potential to boosts one's mental health. Given the wide range of profits, cycling can surely constitute an important part of workout regimes for medically fit individuals.

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