Fly directly from Lucknow to Delhi, Mumbai & other cities with new AirAsia flights
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Fly directly from Lucknow to Delhi, Mumbai & other cities with new AirAsia flights

AirAsia announces 16 new flights, connecting Lucknow to 5 cities

Giving a high flight to domestic connectivity from Lucknow, AirAsia airlines on Thursday announced a schedule of 16 new air services, connecting the city to 5 locations across the country. Starting August 5, these short-shuttle flights will link Lucknow to Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Bengaluru and Kolkata. Notably, all of these services will operate as direct, daily flights for the convenience of travellers.

New operation schedules as follows: 

A total of 16 air services have been launched by AirAsia, with an aim to provie easy connectivity for travellers flying to and fro from Lucknow. Of this lot, the maximum number of operations will be commissioned between Lucknow and Delhi. Reportedly, 6 AirAsia services will now shuttle daily between the two cities to provide uninterrupted commute to the travellers.

Following this, 4 daily flights, between Lucknow and Bengaluru have been lined up too. These will complete 2 round trips between the locations. In addition to this, 2 AirAsia flights each will takeoff between Lucknow and Kolkata, Lucknow and Mumbai and Lucknow and Goa.

"While there are many services leaving from Lucknow to Delhi, I think more services on the route means easy availability of tickets, which will cut down on exorbitantly high flight ticket fares that are common due to lack of space.", said Lucknow local Richa Singh.

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