Focused COVID vaccination drives in UP for bankers, media persons, other professionals

As per records, 67,61,287 doses of the COVID vaccine have been administered so far.

Aiming for a hastened and extensive execution of COVID-19 immunisation schedules in the state, the Uttar Pradesh Government has announced that targeted vaccination drives shall be implemented from April 8. As per the plans, this initiative will attempt to bring professionals in different sectors under the coverage of vaccination. Under this scheme, special dates have been announced for media personnel, bankers, judicial officers, public and private employees amongst others.

Government offers a detailed schedule of focused inoculation

According to the schedule, media persons will be first to take the COVID vaccine jabs under these specialised drives on April 8 and 9. After this, the doses shall be administered to bank and insurance employees on April 10. Assuring welfare for all, the state government has designated April 15 and 16 for the inoculation of bus and auto drivers, rickshaw pullers and street vendors.

While staff from public offices shall be immunised on April 17 and 19, private employees shall be inoculated on April 22 and 23. Additionally, it has been declared that advocates and judicial officers can avail of the vaccine jabs on April 20 and 21. In this regard, Amit Mohan Prasad, the additional Chief Secretary was quoted saying, "Though anyone above the age of 45 years can go and get vaccinated but on these specific dates we will welcome beneficiaries in different categories," As per records, 67,61,287 doses of the COVID vaccine have been administered so far.

Escalating COVID numbers in UP breaking all records!

Breaching all records for 2021, Uttar Pradesh recorded 4,136 COVID cases on Sunday with the capital city, Lucknow facing the biggest burden of 1,147 patients. While the cumulative count of COVID-affected individuals in the state stood at 6,30,059 on Sunday, Uttar Pradesh has witnessed 8,881 fatalities so far. In such circumstances when the state is gripped under the second wave of the pandemic, an accelerated inoculation drive becomes the need of the hour.

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