Focusing on holistic development, The Lucknow Public Collegiate is redefining excellence!

Focusing on holistic development, The Lucknow Public Collegiate is redefining excellence!

LPC continues to shape minds and transform lives; here's how-

The Lucknow Public Collegiate, Sharda Nagar, emphasises on delivering quality education at an affordable cost. The institution fosters comprehensive development, preparing students to excel in the real world. The recent CBSE results, with more than 20% students scoring above 90% and a 100% pass rate, reflect LPC’s commitment to excellence.

Offering diverse pedagogical approaches, LPC ensures students receive a well-rounded education from Nursery to Senior Secondary levels.

Ensuring excellence through holistic education

Emphasising holistic development, LPC provides day-school, day-boarding, and residential options, creating an ideal environment for student growth. With a focus on innovation, traditional values, and world-class facilities, LPC is dedicated to cultivating excellence in every student.

LPC's exceptional commitment to developing student potential is evident in the success of its alumni, who become engineers, doctors, lawyers, and administrative professionals. This tradition of excellence is highlighted by the recent CBSE class X and XII results, where more than 20% of students achieved scores above 90%.

At LPC, education goes beyond textbooks, embracing a dynamic journey through varied teaching methods. These include activity-based learning, smart classrooms, content-driven instruction, and preparation for competitive exams, ensuring each student's unique needs are met.

The collegiate's commitment to excellence extends to its faculty, comprising experienced professionals with a minimum of 12 years of teaching experience.

Shaping young minds

LPC's dedication to holistic development, innovative teaching methods, and experienced faculty underscores its status as a leader in education. The success stories of its alumni, coupled with impressive CBSE results, validate LPC's commitment to excellence.

With a tradition of nurturing talent and a relentless pursuit of quality, LPC continues to shape minds and transform lives, solidifying its position as an educational frontrunner.

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Address- The Lucknow Public Collegiate, Ruchi Khand 1, Sharda Nagar, Lucknow.

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