Attend the year-end Food Festival at Lucknow's Uppercase Diner from December 24 till January 3

Attend the year-end Food Festival at Lucknow's Uppercase Diner from December 24 till January 3

The menu includes sweet seasonal specialties like Plum Cakes and Shepherd's Pie.

What is that one thing we all look for in a 'good buffet'? A plethora of varieties, definitely has to be the answer. And what makes a buffet much much better? Of course, when it comes with a festive season deal! So to honour the Yuletide season and to celebrate the essence of the oncoming new year, Uppercase Diner in Hazratganj is here with a year-end food festival and we've got the deets covered.

Hope & Cheer from Christmas to New Year!

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Uppercase Diner is here to make the last lap of 2020, as delicious as possible. They are hosting a food festival from the 24th of December till the 3rd of January and the menu includes sweet seasonal specialities like Plum Cakes and Shepherd's Pie, Hassleback Potatoes, Baked Mac & Cheese, Veg Shepherds PieItalian Herbed Rice & Glazed Chicken & Gravy.

Uppercase Diner has added also special Christmas cakes, cupcakes & Rum balls in their dessert section because no festivity is complete without some extra dose of sweetness.

They've also involved a few of their mutton-based delicacies in the fest, so you can say that this season they're going all in to woo your taste buds! For vegetarians too, they are whipping up sumptuous grub options so no matter what your palate preferences are, Uppercase will heed to all your hankerings and how. You can snag this food festival deal at JUSTTT ₹499 (per person) and we surely know that this is one of the best pocket-friendly deals in town.

Knock Knock. Who? Budget-friendly food festival!

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All decked up in Christmas spirits, Uppercase Diner has obviously upped its game when it comes to festive deals and our foodie hearts are brimming with holly jolly feelings! Needless to mention, Uppercase is following all the issued COVID-19 protocols to ensure a safe experience for their patrons. So now that you have this deal laid out in front of you, how are you really going to resist it?! We know you simply cannot and you absolutely shouldn't.

Location: Raja Ram Kumar Plaza, 75, Sushanpura, Hazratganj, Lucknow

Contact: 70541 77770

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