Food & Nightlife in Lucknow

This pandemic, continuous lockdowns and restrictions have paused our regular lives and it's been too long since we indulged in our favourite things in the city. Be it going out with family for a dinner buffet or chilling at 'our spots' with friends over a few drinks, we're truly missing the pre-corona period now. Although times are tough, we've gotta be tougher so we're here to remind you of 30 things which are awaiting us in the city, once this pandemic is gone for good!

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They say humanity runs on coffee and we can't help but agree wholeheartedly with the 'bitter' truth of this statement. Be it the motivation to kickstart a day, an important meeting, a casual hangout, those late-night study sessions or a romantic date, coffee becomes an indispensable essential in each scenario.

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If there is one thing that Lucknowites rave about with immense pride, it is surely their food! And you will resonate with this love if you are a fellow Lucknawi or anybody who had the pleasure of relishing the savoury delicacies which are very typical to the city.

We understand how difficult it must be right now, to not be able to live without the Lucknow-lip-smacking street food for over 5 months, especially the universal favourite, wholesome chaat. Well, the wait is finally over and the time to relish the tangy, sweet and spicy flavour of the chaat is back. With these 5 amazing places, it's time to satisfy all your savoury food cravings without having to worry about hygiene and safety & at the comfort of your homes!

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This German themed bistro bar is one of the most loved places in Lucknow. A great hangout spot with amazing Bavarian food.

Munick's global menu has our hearts & palates-Their expansive menu offers us global cuisines as per our cravings- be it Chhole Bhature, Pizzas or even Risottos.

Your safety is Munick's top priority

They are assuring you of minimum contact. Masks & gloves are their best friends too!

They're re-opening August 19 onwards

Just think of their dimsums, steaks, pizzas, kebabs, burgers and the beverages that are simply fit for the Gods. Can't wait for Wednesday now, eh?!

Delicious food calling!

Munick has upped their game when it comes to food! With amazing food, they're also determined to deliver a super safe & delicious experience to you.

Do we really need more reasons to visit Munick?

Nope, we don't. It's Munick after all- one of the best bistros in Lucknow!

The festivities of the Onam celebrations are all set to go global this year with 93.5 Red FM's online edition of the South Side Story. This program is basically an experiential festival, which will enable people from different parts of India and the world to join in the euphoria of Onam, the harvest festival of Southern India. The festival will go live on August 23, a day after its celebration in Kerala.

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Is the routine life of isolation and lockdown, getting to you? Well, the only way to undo that, is by visiting your favourite places in the city, once again! The days when you could hop in and out of cafes and restaurants are slowly coming back and with assured safety. So it's time to say goodbye to all your food cravings with these 5 places in Lucknow and while you do so, make sure you are armed with your mask and sanitizer.

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Whenever we've been in the mood to grab a cup of frothy coffee while surfing through pages of a good book, Cafe Repertwahr has always popped up in our heads. The temptation of grabbing a seat here to catch a quick break has often clouded our minds but damn this pandemic! The vibrant set up of this cafe just sets our mood for the better and especially during this lockdown period, we've really missed being here. So to make our wishes come true, Cafe Repertwahr is opening up their gates on the 12th of August and we can already smell our coffees brewing. *Alexa please play Tunak Tunak Tun*

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Raksha Bandhan celebrations are knocking on our doors and although we've gotta invite this day in with masks and sanitizers this year, we believe that the fun quotient of this day should remain unhinged. Gifts are an integral part of this festivity because the nicer the gift, the higher are your chances of being treated better by your siblings- relatable right?! Even if it's just for a few weeks! So if you have siblings who are coming over on the 3rd and you are looking for the best gifting options in Lucknow, we have listed down 5 places which are going to amp up your festive frolic.

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With a plethora of epicurean delights keeping our palates busy here, Lucknow is a food savvy city like no other. A raging hotspot for foodies, over the years Lucknow has welcomed homegrown and other food-beverage brands alike.

The City of Nawabs surely has umpteen eateries to shush our motley of cravings in the most delicious ways. But out of this multi-cuisine lot, we've listed 29 iconic establishments in Lucknow which have stood the test of time, both in terms of quality and quantity!

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When we talk about comfort food, pizza can't be left behind! Merely thinking about the oozy warm cheese, fresh toppings and the generous sprinkles of seasoning to go along with it, makes us all drooooly and leaves us craving for a slice or two. Be it for a midnight binge and Netflix session, a meal with the buddies or some alone-time, pizza always saves the day. So if you're on the pizza lovers' wagon just like us, then you might just shout out cheesus crust 'cuz Chicago Pizza is taking a seat at Aliganj.

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Lucknow houses a generous chunk of coffee connoisseurs and in a pleasant turn of events amidst this grim atmosphere, Starbucks is coming up with a second outlet in Gomti Nagar, the first being at Phoenix Palassio! This news has left the coffeeholics in town in a state of absolute happy frenzy and here's where you can place your orders, hopefully soon.

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