Foodies, did you know about the inspiring story behind the famous Nainital Momos in Lucknow?

Foodies, did you know about the inspiring story behind the famous Nainital Momos in Lucknow?

Nainital Momos, once a food thela, has transformed into a prospering cafe. Read on to know its humble back story

Yet another popular cafe in the city, the Nainital Momos in Lucknow has preserved a name for itself among all the foodies. This Asian eatery continues to rule our hearts with more 100 kinds of momos and their authentic taste since 2008 and how!

The outlet, which was one of the defending champions at food fests like La Binge Fiesta, La Flea Affair, and so on, had once started as a small food cart 14 years ago in Lucknow. Today you can spot several outlets of Nainital Momos not just in the City of Nawabs but in 5 other UP cities. And we Lucknowites are highly proud of this evolution!

From four wheels to four walls, an inspiring life story-

Ranjeet Singh, the owner of Nainital Momos, is often referred to as the 'Momos King' for proffering to Lucknow the taste of authentic and A1-quality momos. He, along with his wife Rajni Singh, has turned this dream into the reality we're happily living in. It was quite a while back when the owners had gone viral for their success story about the cafe, that they built from scratch, and for their scrumptious Asian food.

Hailing from Uttarakhand's humble Pauri Garhwal, Singh had seen the nadir of hard times in life. He arrived in the city to make some money to uplift his family and started working first as a helper, to move on to being a waiter, and then starting a tiffin service. Failing to earn enough bread from the tiffin service, he decided one day to start a food cart called Nainital Momos.

Cut to today when Nainital Momos is one of the top selling brands in the city. Their recipe of momos is adopted from the age-old tradition of consuming warm dumplings in cold areas. The aim is to serve authentic Indo Tibetan cuisine and provide healthy Asian food to the people of the city and it wouldn't be wrong to say that they are acing it!

Serving 100+ variety of veg and non-veg momos to choose from

Nainital Momos is also aberrantly famous for its multigrain atta momos (containing not one or two, but eight superfoods!), where the owners consciously decided to ditch maida, keeping in mind food that is also healthy. However, we assure you wouldn't feel the difference for the momos taste extremely delicious and, obviously, nutritious.

From Mexicana Steamed Momos or Veg Dragon Fire Steamed Momos (if you're a fan of spicy food) to Chicken Lemon Coriander Steamed Momos (for all the non-veg lovers), the wide variety here will get you hooked. We also recommend Cheese & Corn/Garlic Fried Momos with an Irish Martini to go by! We don't have to mention (because, we believe you'd already know) that their Tandoori Momos are extolled throughout.

There are also Thukpa Momos, Pan Tossed Momos, Cheese Burst Momos, Dessert Momos amidst the 100+ momos to choose from! Besides, their sizzlers and/or noodles will keep your tummies happy.

This is where the momo-lovers unite

Nainital Momos never fails to satisfy our momo-cravings and we strongly believe you'd feel the same once you visit the paradisal food palace that it is!

Location: 1/340, Amar Shaheed Path, Viram Khand, Viram Khand 1, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226010

Also located in Patrakarpuram, Jankipuram

Foodies, did you know about the inspiring story behind the famous Nainital Momos in Lucknow?
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