For 60+ varieties of kulchas & your love for Punjabi food, head to Mr. Kulcha's new outlet!

For 60+ varieties of kulchas & your love for Punjabi food, head to Mr. Kulcha's new outlet!

A new Amritsari menu awaits you at Mr. Kulcha outlet in Aashiyana

Brining in the authentic crisp of 60+ Punjabi kulchas for the Nawabs of Lucknow, Mr. Kulcha has opened the gates of its second outlet in the city, with a resounding brrrruuahh! With an elaborate vegetarian menu that boasts of masaaledar Punjabi food, topped with desi ghee and made with love, Mr. Kulcha's outlet in Lucknow is sure to have you coming back more!

If you wanna add a pop of colour to your lives and enjoy great flavours, head to this brand new outlet in Aashiyana now!

New outlet, same old love & flavours

If you identify as a true-blue gastronome, you'll surely nod along when we say that nothing spells 'pind da swaad' as a side of a kulcha with those authentic punjabi dishes! Imagine, a bread that is crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and a whole lot scrumptious overall, to wing your meals and that's just the kind of food they serve at Mr. Kulcha!

From the Classic Aloo Kulcha, to Amritsari Special side or even the plain salted ones, no one cooks kuchas as diverse as Mr. Kulcha in Lucknow. With 60+ varieties under its culinary finesse, the kitchen here also makes the fusion wonder bites of Pizza Kulcha or a Chocoloate Kulcha to satiate your cravings like 'em!

Roll up your sleeves & get ready to dig in!

But before we spiral into their never-ending Kulcha Culture, let's turn our heads (and plates) to what's new and the brand-new Aashiana outlet. In addition to their signature long menu, this eatery in town has introduced a throng of traditional Amritsari foods, with finger-licking good Kadhai Paneer and Daal-Makhni starring this catalogue.

Also, it is only here that you can get a bite of the one of its kind rice-sizzlers in town, with 100% pure desi-ghee, flaming your om-nom-nom meal!

Drinks to be thirsting over! 

We possibly cannot go on raving about the flavours of Punjab without telling about the wholesome lassi da gilass! And to say Mr. Kulcha does that in addition to a lot more has already quenched half of our thirst!

The new Aashiana outlet in town has a dedicated mocktail bar to mix your whims as you feast on their specials. From Kulhad Wali Lassi to a fancy mocktail, you can order a bunch of refreshing ales when here, to be burpin' you way to chase those food-gasms.

When the 'pait ke chuhe' do the bhangra!

Hunger pangs can strike anytime and they can be very demanding too! So when the pet ke chuhe do the bhangra next time, make your way to Mr. Kulcha and take your pick from the 60+ varieties of crispy kulchaas here.

And to make the deal even more mouth melting, Mr. Kulcha is offering a 10% off on total bill to all Knocksense members. There is also a discount of 15%, that can be availed by families on a minimum billing of ₹500 here.

Address: Sector K, Power house chauraha, Aashiana, Lucknow - 226012

Timings: 11 AM to 12 midnight

Contact: +91 6390400050, 6390400060

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