For a relaxation & beauty fix, hit the brand new Kritikaa Seth Unisex Salon in Jankipuram

For a relaxation & beauty fix, hit the brand new Kritikaa Seth Unisex Salon in Jankipuram

Get 20% off on a slew of self-care services at Lucknow's new KS Unisex Salon.

The brand new Kritikaa Seth Unisex Salon in Jankipuram can be your new haven for everything beauty, skin, and hair. From the moment you enter the aesthetically-satisfying place that in itself calms you down to you availing the efficient services here, the experience at the salon is pacifying.

And since the wedding season is upon us, the amicable staff at KS Unisex Salon is all set to take the reigns in their hands and deck you up for the same. FYI, the salon is also giving a straight 20% inaugural discount on a host of services!

Let your hair down

Customers can be at ease here with their slew of services related to everything that can pump up the drab mood.

Finding the right hairdresser is a sheer task and we feel you. Try the KS Salon for fine highlights, rebonding, smoothening, global, keratine shine treatments, root touches, or whatever it is that you need to absolutely slay!

The professionals here will know exactly what will suit you and give you the cut, or bangs, or curls that will basically elevate your mood and style! For quick hair fixes, trimming, or just taking care of your tresses because life often gets in the way of nourishing ourselves, hit the KS Unisex Salon now.

More pampering on the way

We don't have to reiterate that some 'me time' or pampering goes a long way! Ladies and gentlemen, don't you wait any longer to go for the body massage that will, undoubtedly, make you calm or those facials to breathe in that glistening glow.

Oh, and there's also a nail station here! You can get that nail art you've eyed, manicure, pedicure — anything and everything that relaxes those nerves. Because sometimes, a whisk of nail magic is all you need!

Additionally, if you wanna get decked up for a party, the KS Unisex Salon has certain unique offerings. They have groom and bridal make-up, reception make-up, engagement make-up, and, well, you get the idea!

And so much more!

Moreover, the parlour cum boutique also offers chic earrings and purses that you can explore from and buy, as you like.

From a relaxing body spa starting at ₹2,500 to a much-needed hair spa at ₹800, head here for the budgeted makeover you didn't know you so badly needed!

Location: Sector 7/386, 1st floor, Jankipuram Vistar, near St Mary Inter College, Lucknow

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