For fun, food & full-on thrill, head to ICDC Influence Car Dining Cafe in Lucknow right away!

For fun, food & full-on thrill, head to ICDC Influence Car Dining Cafe in Lucknow right away!

Don't want to get off your ride to fetch a meal? Don't bother, coz this Cafe has a sorted arrangement for you!

Why always settle for conventional old cafes with tedious variations of food and indistinguishable interiors, when you can go for something else? An eatery is not always about the food or the decor, the uniqueness of the experience always counts.

Keeping the same in mind, ICDC in Gomti Nagar has come up as Lucknow's first-ever in-car dining cafe for the food enthusiasts of the town. Now that we've broken the news to you, get your ride ready for a super-quirky and super-awesome culinary experience at the ICDC Influence Car Dining Cafe in Lucknow!

Straight outta kitchen and served directly inside your ride

Yup, ICDC doesn't work like an ordinary drive-in or drive-through, coz the place quite literally serves you food on a specially designed car tray which can be fitted inside your ride!

Mr Annant Manocha, a deep-rooted individual from the hospitality industry with long-term bonafide experience, founded the ICDC Car Dining Cafe along with the support of his wife.

While in conversation with us, he states, "The idea of setting up a car dining cafe first stuck my head while I was heading business operations for another world-renowned food joint in Lagos, Nigeria. The concept of drive-in restaurants was quite common there, however, while setting up ICDC Cafe in Lucknow we took it up a notch by creating delectable varieties of our signature fusion food items and providing a first-of-its-kind car tray to prevent food spillage in the vehicle."

An elegant hangout spot for chai lovers

Even if you don't wish to bring along your vehicle or perhaps you find yourself to be too clumsy to eat inside your ride (trust us, we get it), this place isn't gonna disappoint you.

The ICDC features an adorable outdoor sitting area inside the Kisan Bazar premises. Easily drop by, fetch a seat, try flavourful meals or maybe a nice cup of Bhaukali chai (masala tea) served at the eatery. Want to enjoy your meal back at home or on the go? Well, there's always a takeaway option available too.

Outstanding variety of cheesy meals

Summing it up with some mouthwatery insights about food, not just the experience but the food offered at this place is genuinely delectable, that too available at a pocket-friendly price.

With a great selection of veg and non-veg starters, you can either opt to grab individual variety options, available in different portions. Caught in a hunger rage? Try em all by choosing a combo starter platter or maybe choose from the great variety of pizzas like the ICDC Mania pizza or the signature De constructed pizza, each prepared with fresh dough to bewilder you with an amazing fusion of flavours.

Also, this place specializes in serving succulent and wholesome stuffed, loaded and plain garlic breads to give you a blissful delight along with every bite. Also, the fries here come with a cheese-loaded option too, so do give em a try!

In the end, you surely wouldn't want to miss out on refreshing drinks like the exclusive Sitapur Ka Hot Chocolate available on the menu (coz what meal is truly complete without em).

Knock Knock


Want to experience the in-car dining service at the ICDC Car Dining Cafe? All you would be required to do is to just gather your homies, hop into your ride, rush to the eatery and place the order for whatever your tummy demands.

You aren't even required to step outside your ride here, when was getting some delish food so convenient? Even the Nawabs would feel jealous once you get here! So, better fasten your seatbelts and set the navigation straight to the ICDC Influence Car Dining Cafe to dine in style.

Where: Influence Car Dining Cafe, Kissan Bazar, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

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