For tasty yet nutritional low cal meals, bookmark these 7 places in Lucknow

For tasty yet nutritional low cal meals, bookmark these 7 places in Lucknow

What do you say to unhealthy food? Not today!

They say eating healthy food is equivalent to a healthy life and you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to take care of your body don’t you? And no! We’re not here to advocate the benefits of diet foods and tasteless salads today. We’re in fact here to tell you that eating right doesn't mean compromising on taste! Don’t believe us? Check out these 7 places in Lucknow and indulge in their drool-worthy nutritional meal options, made with love and of course low-calories!

Healthy Panda

Healthy Panda, as the name is a big giveaway, has been that one place that knows how to please carb-conscious eaters and foodies alike! Seated in Vineet Khand, this eatery is known for its dedicated nutrition-rich meal options, that do not taste nothing like those nightmarish diet foods.

When here, you must get your folks digging into Summer Italian Spaghetti Salads or the heavenly English breakfast meal option to add a heavy dose of delish to your eat right resolution.

Location: 4/276 Vineet Khand, Gomti Nagar

The Detox Kitchen by Be The Beer

The Detox Kitchen by Be The Beer is the junction where healthy meets delicious! Offering a range of gluten-free, sugar-free foods, this place takes care of your body without compromising on the taste of your meal. From specific diet meals to salad options, and soups, The Detox Kitchen has plenty on its plate and you can get it all on your too, for a wholesome meal.

Though everything here is a must-try, if you want our suggestion - go for their Wheat Chicken Burger with Mexican Rice and a side Minty Fresh when here.

Location: 110 A, Cyber Heights, Vibhuti Khand

Daily Nutritional Diet

If you're a sucker for cute packaging, a wide menu and delicious food that is worth the money besides eating right, Daily Nutrional Diet has got your back! From the recipes to their menu, everything at the Daily Nutrional Diet has been curated to make sure that your weight-loss journey doesn't result in a loss of food journey!

Whatever be your body goals- fat loss or muscle building, this place has got something for all and that's the kind of multi-tasking we want our favourite restaurant to be doing.

Location: 12/619, Zone-17, Indira Nagar

LowCal Kitchen By Vintage Machine

Who says eating healthy and right means giving up flavours that satiate your soul? Definitely no LowCal by Vintage Machine! This healthy eatery serves you your all-time favourites like Rajma Rice and Chicken Tikka curries and even Paneer Lababdar, cooked in a low-fat, zero-oil recipe.

So if you are someone who cannot give up on your staples and still want to walk the healthy food trail, LowCal by Vintage Machine is your it place!

Location: Ground Floor, Rohtas Summit Building, Vibhuti Khand

Crave Fit

An great option for those who take their meals seriously, Crave Fit in Lucknow gives you full disclosure of the nutrient value of your meal. You can subscribe to daily food meals by Crave Fit and each parcel will accurately label the amount of protein, carbs, fats and sugar in each offering.

Crave Fit is famed across Lucknow to be the best place to start your weight-loss journey through a ready-made nutritional plan. This means, you can eat all that you crave while you claim your body and health goals, like a pro!

Location: A 2/1, Vinay Khand 2, Malik Timber Market

Health Kitchen by  Capoor & Sons

A scrumptious offering by Capoor n Sons, Health Kitchen in Lucknow needs to be on your must-visit list this summer at least for those refreshing thick shakes and smoothies, if not anything else. Well, there are all-day healthy bowls and multi-grain burgers on offer too which makes it a win-win for each one in town. Give into your elite meal fantasies here, without worrying about gaining any extra calories!

Location: Upper Ground Floor, Building B-1/55c, Vineet Khand


If you're a fan of Keto diet, greek salads and eating right, Nutritionin will just be your new-fav eatery in Lucknow! Serving a good mix of a protein-rich meals to you at pocket friendly place, this place is proof enough that healthy food is not necessarily complicated or expensive! And we don't know about you, but that's motivation enough for us to put the junk out and Nutrition-in!

Location: C 197, Sector C, Mahanagar

“I regret eating healthy today”, said no one ever!

Saying it louder for the people at back - eating healthy is better than eating less and if you too want to switch to some tastier yet healthier meals, you’ve got plenty to choose from. Try low cal, high-nutrition meal options served by the places listed above right now and thank us later!

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