Fortune Park BBD in Lucknow is all about the grand & luxurious ITC experience

Fortune Park BBD in Lucknow is all about the grand & luxurious ITC experience

Nestled in the posh locales of Jopling Road, ITC's Fortune Park BBD hotel is where Lucknow comes to unwind and get its dose of luxury.

Surrounded by old-timey buildings, narrow lanes and the bustle that comes with being in Hazratganj, Fortune Park BBD opens its doors to a stunning view of old world charm and luxury. Reception adorned with a stunning crystal chandelier, a waiting area supplied with plush furnishing, regal is the only way to describe this hotel.

With two restaurants, a bar and a bakery under its belt the hotel is the perfect spot to catch up with friends, have a leisurely meal or just get a cup of coffee.

Orchid, Neptune, Deli & Earthen Oven

While we are all aware of the stunning property, the classy rooms and the touch of elegance the hotel provides its patrons, they also have wonderful dining solutions for your every need.

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Something for your sweet tooth- Fortune Deli

As you enter the hotel lobby, a grand reception awaits you; directly in front of which you'll find a cutesy bakery section, and a lavish seating area. You can grab a cookie, a coffee, a pastry or if you're really looking to indulge your sweet tooth, a creamy cheesecake.

We would highly recommend trying the green tea opera pastry, a layered cake full of subtle tea flavours and pretty as a picture. Also, if you're looking to save a quick buck, the bakery offers a flat 50% discount after 8 PM every day!

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Buffets, luncheons and more- Orchid

Located on the first floor of the hotel, Orchid is a multi cuisine restaurant that is known for its amazing buffet spread and global delicacies. With a multitude of cuisines to pick from, the aroma of freshly baked bread, danishes, donuts and croissants filling our nostrils, the breakfast buffet here is our absolute favourite!

Orchid is the place to be when you're looking for something new and experimental, we would highly recommend getting the Thai platter, the caesar salad, herb crusted fish and if you have a sweet tooth like us, kesar phirni, gulab ki kheer and jalebi-rabri.

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A few drinks with friends- Neptune

If you're looking for a nice spot to hangout with the gang or just grab a couple of drinks with the friends, Neptune is where you need to be. The bar has been set up in the same regal fashion as the hotel and the vibes here are pretty chill. You can enjoy a few classic cocktails with your group or catch up on what's been happening with the gang over scotch.

The place is fit for people who are looking for a calm place, chill vibes and an added dosage of luxury. Get yourself the summer visel, mint cafe or the pineapple colada and you're set for a good time.

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An affair with North Indian delicacies- Earthen Oven

No matter how deeply you love any other cuisine, if in Lucknow, it is impossible to not have a love affair with the Awadhi delicacies. Awadhi and other North Indian cuisines have some of the most wonderfully prepared dishes. It's the smell of subtle spices, floral javitri, woody cinnamon, earthy tej patta and the necessary bhuni lal mirch.

These spice are what make the North Indian food stand out. But what can be more appealing than tasting the dishes cooked in the same spices, with view of an open poolside, a regal setting and cheerful vibe?

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Earthen Oven, on the 5th floor of ITC's Fortune Park BBD, is a plush North Indian speciality restaurant with a remarkable view. If you're looking for aromatic dishes that make the mouth water as soon as you get a sniff, this is the place where you need to be.

The Awadhi mutton nali korma, roti pe boti and doodhiya kebabs are few dishes that will do nothing less than blow your mind, because they did ours! With such good food and elegant setting, Earthen oven is perfect for celebratory lunches, family dinners or just a leisurely date with someone special.

Knock Knock

For those of us who enjoy a tiny dose of luxury in our lives, having the ITC experience is a must. The place is tastefully done and a wonderful option for those who want to steal away from the humdrum of life for a moment or two. Enjoy the ITC experience on a budget at the Fortune Park BBD hotel in Lucknow.

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