RT-PCR test mandatory for all international travellers landing at Lucknow Airport

RT-PCR test mandatory for all international travellers landing at Lucknow Airport

Check out the new travel guidelines at Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport here:

Amidst the rising concerns of a newly identified Botswana strain of COVID, inbound passengers to Lucknow will have to undertake a mandatory RT-PCR test at Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport from today. While all international commuters will have to take this test upon arrival, domestic travellers will be tested if found symptomatic after the compulsory thermal screening. As per the notification issued under The Epidemic Diseases Act 1897 and the Disaster Management Act 2005 on Sunday, this test will be conducted free of cost for all.

Mandatory 8-day home quarantine for international travellers

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The decision to make the RT-PCR test mandatory was issued upon the request of the union government to ensure rigorous screening of international travellers. Apart from this, as per the circular issued by the District Magistrate of Lucknow, international passengers arriving in the city will also have to go through an eight-day home quarantine. Post the completion of this quarantine, the Rapid Response Team will conduct the RT-PCR test again. For anyone who turns positive in these tests, proper treatment will be provided in accordance with the stipulated protocols. Notably, the details of the passengers will be recorded in the International Traveller Category and the Integrated Command Control Centre(ICCC) will follow it up on the call to ensure proper adherence to the protocols.

In a bid to eliminate the risk of infection invasion scenario, the administration has also decided to amplify thermal screening at the domestic base as well. Other than the symptomatic passengers detected in this screening, 10% of the total commuters travelling in each national flight will be tested randomly as well. All the details of the passengers will be recorded on the designated portal in the Domestic Traveller Category.

Apart from trying to contain the spread of coronavirus by issuing these protocols, the authorities have amped up the ongoing vaccination drive in Lucknow as well. With the implementation of the walk-in vaccination system, the residents of Lucknow can now directly head to the vaccination centres and take the first or second jab without having to make a prior booking.

With inputs from Pawan Kaushal

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