Free Meals by 'Wahid Biryani' in Lucknow are a boon for hunger-stricken in these tough times!

Free Meals by 'Wahid Biryani' in Lucknow are a boon for hunger-stricken in these tough times!

Over 2,000 people are being fed every day through this initiative!

Amidst an inflated pandemic crisis, the deprived and underprivileged are fighting against an additional battle of hunger. Moved by this, a number of organisations in Lucknow are working towards the timely availability of meals for the needy and one of the city's favorite outlets-Wahid Biryani has joined this fight against the pandemic. Through its programs at KGMU, Civil hospital, Lohia Institute, Parivartan Chowk and other places, the welfare initiative is ensuring free food for over 2,000 people daily.

Umpteen benefits for all deprived sections of the society!

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Given the ongoing lockdown, rickshaw pullers, daily wagers and beggars on the streets are observing a lot of difficulties. In addition to this, there are citizens whose loved ones are receiving treatments at the hospital and the financial crunch is leaving them troubled on the food front. Wahid Biryani targets all such individuals through its schemes and conducts extensive food disbursement schedules for them. Under this scheme, different types of veg pulao or veg biryani are distributed.

Speaking to Knocksense, Aabid Ali Quereshi, the owner said, "We are receiving a lot of blessings because of our deeds. It is not just the poor that get our meals but sometimes, even the rich come to asking for the meal, given our brand image. We assure that our menu is changed regularly and that people get to relish different types of Biryanis." Apart from him, the project is supported by Mohammad Faizan, Shakib Qureshi, Mohammad Aakib Qureshi and Mohammad Absaar.

Free deliveries for those in need!

Apart from the food distribution drives, Wahid Biryani also delivers meals to COVID-infected families. For this purpose, all one has to do is the authorities at the eatery and provide them with the required information including the address. This home delivery service was started on May 7 after the eatery's collaboration with the Insaniyat welfare society.

It is to be noted that the free food facility is available between 10 AM and 5 PM. They can be contacted at the following 9125066660, 7860786003, 7275727271 or 8858633613.

Knock Knock

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After winning the hearts of city folks with its taste, Wahid Biryani is now garnering widespread recognition from them via their noble deeds. In current times, when a large count of individuals have lost their jobs, this scheme is helping them escape the pangs of hunger and sustain lives with the minimum comfort of food.

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