Fresh out of the oven, THESE pocket-saving KnockOFF deals in Lucknow are gonna sort all your needs

Fresh out of the oven, THESE pocket-saving KnockOFF deals in Lucknow are gonna sort all your needs

Whether you're looking for cost-effective pet care services or an inexpensive gym membership, KnockOFF has your back!

If you're a Lucknowite who has a taste for the finer things in life, this article is for you! Cuz, people, we're here, knocking at your door, with some mind-blowing KnockOFF deals in Lucknow. Fresh out of the oven, these deals are surely gonna make your life easier.

Whether you're into fitness and are looking for some athletic gym offers, or your pet needs grooming and you cannot afford to burn your pockets further, we feel your pain and are here with cost-effective solutions right in your pocket.

Party into the night @ VOID

We are aware how important chilling after a tedious and hectic week is AND how difficult it is to do it without burning your entire income in one sitting! To sort that issue out, the recently opened VOID Bar & Nightclub is offering a flat 20% discount on the total bill!

So raise up the roof at VOID all you want, and still go home satisfied, with savings left for your next weekend partayy.

Attention, gym enthusiasts!

If you're a fitness enthusiast and are seeking a new (or at least, pocket-friendly) gym membership, look no further! Because Tabata Fitness in Lucknow is here with a FLAT 50% off. That's right, get the membership at half the total cost, only through KnockOFF!

Here's wishing you some great work-out seshes!

Now, who's a good boy/girl?

If our pets are happy, we're happy! Are we right, or are we right? Give your pets the much-needed (because, well, it always is!) pampering and love and avail Pawstars' Pet Grooming package at flat 30% off.

Show your pets the goood time they so well deserve!

Time for a dental check up!

When was the last time you had a dental visit? If you cannot remember, you probably need one! With this healthcare service on KnockOFF, you can now receive an absolutely FREE consultation by a doctor at Kanchan Muskan Dental Clinic.

Because the 'tooth' is, we care for you! (sorry, not sorry)

We've got 'fillings' for you!

If you haven't been able to budget your life as well as you would've wanted to by now, don't sweat cause we're here to make your hang-out plans lit and economical! And who doesn't love momos, huh?

At the International House Of Momo (IHOM) in Lucknow, get a whopping 20% off on the total bill and thank us later! Avail the kickass offers only through your Knocksense app!

Of refreshing drinks & chill hang-out scenes

Time 'fries' when you're enjoying your favourite refreshing drink with a delish burger, does it not? At Trinkster, through KnockOFF, you have it all and at amazing prices! And now, you can also avail flat 30% off on a bill above ₹300 here! So, go nuts, people!

Oomph yourself up!

And after everything, a lil self-care and grooming goes a loong way! Relax your nerves with a pleasant manicure/pedicure or a hair spa, with the best of professional and sanitary services at the Himadri Verma Studio in Lucknow. With this, also get a 30% discount on the entire bill only through KnockOFF.

Aesthetics & good food, what more does one need?

If you're not exactly a pub person, and prefer chilling with your family or friends at a nice café with good food, music, and 90's aesthetics, this is your cue to visit Café 1991 Coffee Bar & Garden in Lucknow. Offering some of the most scrumptious pizzas, they also have 11% discount on the total bill only on KnockOFF.

We believe in Shawarma supremacy

And finally, what is life without some delicious shawarma?! We believe in shawarma supremacy, foodies! So, for the best of doners and gyros, authentic shawarmas, wraps and pita falafels, visit Doner & Gyros in Lucknow and get flat 15% off on the entire bill!

Once again, KnockOFF is here to save the day!

Knock knock

Listen up nice and close to your body and mind, people, and decide from these chill activities on what to do next, and, of course, let KnockOFF take care of the rest (and of your budget)!

Fresh out of the oven, THESE pocket-saving KnockOFF deals in Lucknow are gonna sort all your needs
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