From Banarasi Paan to Indori Poha, 'Chatori Gali' in Lucknow has it all!

From Banarasi Paan to Indori Poha, 'Chatori Gali' in Lucknow has it all!

At this food hub in 1090, you can savour specialties from different states of India!

Lucknow's Chatori Gali at 1090, started with a few stalls but is now the go-to place for fast food in the city, and for good reasons. From traditional to the most trending, this lane boasts a huge variety, whether it is main course, desserts, drinks, or starters!

This food hub also features stalls that serve the specialties from different regions of the country. So if it's a Banarsi Paan that you're craving, Andhra's famous spicy food, tea from Darjeeling, a crispy dosa from South India, or Indori poha here you'll have it all! Basically, for a quick and tasty food tour, Chatori Gali is where you need to be.

Indori Poha


This famous item from the Heart of India, i.e., Madhya Pradesh, has recently been added to the Chatori Gali. Althoug poha makes for a popular breakfast option, the dish is a big hit at the Chatori Gali, and foodies can be spotted enjoying it even in the venings!

Mumbai Pav Bhaji


After MP's favorite snack, we come to Mumbai for some Pav Bhaji. Luckily for us Lucknowites, several outlets sell the classic Bombay Pav Bhaji. But nothing can beat the taste offered at Chatori Gali.

Andhra Cafe


From Mumbai and Indore, we now move onto some toothsome and crispy delights from the Kohinoor of India. The Andhra Cafe in Chatori Gali offers beverages like filter coffee, along with delicacies such as the Andhra-style curd rice 'Daddojanam'.

Banarasi Special Paan

Visitors can now open up their 'Band Akal Ka Taala' at Chatori Gali with Banarasi Paan stalls. Especially when you've had something spicy and soul-satisfying, what's better way to cap it off than with the classic Banarasi Paan, all the way from the Land of Ghats!

Madrasi Masala Dosa


You must have heard about the viral ₹1 Dosa from Rechoice at Chatori Gali. But now, you have an alternative that brings some authenticity to the table with this Madrasi-style Masala Dosa. The chutney accompanied with the dosa here hits differently and will surely transport you to South.

Chai from Darjeeling


It is easy to move over the once trending tandoori chai and chocolate chai, but not the OG tea! So when you just feel like having a cup of kadak chai after devouring the amazing food at Chatori Gali, give the Assam Darjeeling stall a try and you'll instantly feel relaxed.

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