From Brewery Tour to Blind Tasting, partake in lit activities to celebrate International Beer Day!

From Brewery Tour to Blind Tasting, partake in lit activities to celebrate International Beer Day!

This August 4, celebrate your love for brews at an exciting beer fest by Knocksense at Lucknow's Black Brewhouse.

Brewski aficionados of Lucknow, assemble! International Beer Day is around and we can no longer hold our excitement in. Come, join the city's trendiest beer fest by Knocksense at the hep Black Brewhouse, as we cheer to glorious times!

Celebrate the spirit of camaraderie and your adoration for brews at a lit affair this August 4. As the day unfolds, gear up to engage in thrilling activities and fun events, while you vibe to poppin' live music scenes and sip mouth-watering beers!

Ready, people? Cuz 'brew'tiful times await you this Friday!

From Beer Pong to Brewery Tour, engage in fun activities this International Beer Day

So, let us put in a whisper about these hep activities! We're talking from the Blind Beer Tasting (where you can test your palate and discern the multitudinous flavours while being blindfolded (of course) to a playful yet competitive game of Beer Pong! Get your gang here, aim for the cups and win! Another good news? Winners from both these events will get a delish pint of beer!

Moreover, another fun affair to look forward to is the Brewery Tour at this celebration. Here, you get to have a sneak-peak into the captivating beer-making process, led by expert brewers.

With live music and DJ dropping the beat, dance into the night and raise your glasses to good times! Bask in a vibrant atmosphere and immerse in delightful games and activities, amidst laughter, fun and fervour, at this Knocksense affair!

Hopheads and ale lovers, this is your chance to unite.

P.S. Tickets are available on the Knocksense mobile app!

Ticket price: ₹99

When: August 4, 7 PM onwards

Where: Black Brewhouse, 15th floor, Summit Building, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar

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