Thick layer of froth in River Gomti raises concerns about Lucknow's lifeline!

Thick layer of froth in River Gomti raises concerns about Lucknow's lifeline!


Like many other rivers in the country, Gomti, the elixir of Lucknow's life, is also shrouded by the adverse effects of pollution and unchecked human behaviour. In the latest string of developments, a thick sheet of harmful froth was seen layering the surface of the river. With the increased levels of pollutants, the froth is a clear indication of depleting oxygen in the water body and its impending threats to aquatic life.

Complexities in the aquatic ecosystem endangering life

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While it is essential to ensure a proper treatment mechanism for the sewage water, this is not followed and the wastewater merges with Gomti from the adjoining areas of Badshah Nagar and Ring Road in the harmful state. This leads to a major accumulation of harmful materials in the river which affects its character. Further, the river is also flooded with toxic and chemical substances, flowing from different regions in the city. Due to this, the quality of water and its environment suffers greatly, which leads to circumstances like the development of the froth.

On its course, Gomti is affected the most in its section that lies in Lucknow. While a large amount of biodegradable waste flows into the river, it also takes along a lot of solid and industrial waste from the city. This causes a range of complexities in the aquatic ecosystem, endangering the river's ecology.

Necessary to spread awareness about the preservation of the city's lifeline

Despite multiple declarations by the government stating that sewage water should be discharged after being treated, the required steps are not being followed clearly. Besides being incumbent upon the administration to take stringent measures in this regard, it is equally important that citizens remain aware and responsible for their actions. In addition to ensuring that we do not pollute the river, we should also spread awareness about the same.

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