Fulfil your wanderlust with IRCTC's Lucknow to Andaman tour package

Fulfil your wanderlust with IRCTC's Lucknow to Andaman tour package

Check out IRCTC's fixed departure itinerary from Lucknow to the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Whether you are a travel freak or not, even the mildest thought of venturing the opulent blue oceanic tides by the side of an exotic island can make your heart skip a beat. Good thing is that our very own Andaman and Nicobar islands have it all.

You no longer need to go through the hassle of browsing locations, finding stay places or searching travel guides as IRCTC's Lucknow to Andaman with Kolkata package has it all planned.

IRCTC Mesmerizing Andaman with Kolkata tour package

Transition from the landlocked plains to the monumental city of Kolkata. Submerge into the city's diverse culture and take a heritage walk along with IRCTC's guided tours. After the enthralling 1-day excursion to the West Bengal's pearl, buckle up and head straightaway to Port Blair for the real deal.

An entire package catered to provide an absolute top-tier travel adventure starts at a convenient deal of ₹56,400 per person for a triple-occupancy plan. More options include ₹57,780 and ₹72,560 priced plans for double and single occupancy for a 5 days/6 nights travel itinerary.

What are the upcoming dates for the itinerary?

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The package includes all the necessary inclusions such as plush accommodation facilities, travel expenses, insuarance, meal plans (breakfast+dinner), boat rides, permit charges, tour guide charges and all of the other miscellaneous expenses. Currently, the upcoming tours are available for October 7, 2022 and February 10, 2023 with fixed departure facilities available at the CCS Airport of Lucknow.

The itinerary will take you into the depths of picturesque locations of the Andaman and Nicobar islands such as the upbeat beaches of Port Blair and a visit to the Cellular Jail. Hop onboard for ferry rides to enjoy the cultural shows in Havelock islands and proceed to the natural wonders along the mangroves of Baratang islands.

More about the itinerary

The itinerary will take you on a rollercoaster ride of adventures, right from the streets of Kolkata, which carry a quintessential charm, reflecting the city's heritage and colonial architecture. The excursion to the city is the perfect starter before a full-course meal.

Talking about the REAL DEAL, venture the calmingly white beaches with pristine marine coastlines with a dash of tribal adventures topped with some dark history from the British era, sounds like a perfect travel concoction doesn't it?

Step out of your cocoon as IRCTC has managed to craft a tour to the islandic heaven. With that said, booking the perfect travel plan from Lucknow is a breeze. All you need to do is to visit the IRCTC website to get all the info and book the tour.

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