Fulfill your curiosity about rural lifestyle at the upcoming Tribal Museum in Lucknow

Fulfill your curiosity about rural lifestyle at the upcoming Tribal Museum in Lucknow

The Tribal Museum will showcase the rich history, traditions, and vibrant culture of 15 STs of Uttar Pradesh.

Awed by the tribal way of life and rural handicrafts? Lucknow is gradually becoming a hub for various arts and crafts innovations and we're all for it, which is why we cannot wait for the Tribal Museum to come up in Lucknow!

Slated to be constructed by 2025, the Uttar Pradesh government has in plans for this museum to be located on Chandrika Devi Marg on a land of 6.8 acres near the Gomti river. Budgeted at ₹18 crores, the Tribal Museum in Lucknow will showcase the rich history, traditions, and the vibrant culture of the 15 Scheduled Tribes' socio-economic groups in Uttar Pradesh.

All about the tribal culture at the museum

The mentioned cluster of people make up around 0.6% of the state population. In an effort to boost tourism, the aim of the museum will also be to spread awareness and educate people about tribal culture, their modalities and way of life.

Moreover, it will create certain employment opportunities for tribal people who will be employed for engendering an authentic tribal experience. "Some tribals will be employed to make live presentations of their art and craft as well as traditional dance and music every evening. An eatery joint serving tribal food in the traditional environment will also be set up," Mukesh Meshram, principal secretary, tourism and culture, said.

Tribal diversity in display

Putting the various tribes on the tourism map of the country, it's also being said that the entrance of the museum will display various maps briefing visitors about the geographical overview of the tribes across the world.

To be designed by the College of Architecture Principal, Vandana Sehgal, the museum will have three galleries in its wings. The first one would showcase artefacts that narrate the story of the tribes' evolution and history, with the second demonstrating vivid cultural lifestyles, practices, and traditions of the tribes along with items that the tribes use for their daily needs and agricultural practices displayed. Similarly, the third gallery is expected to disseminate knowledge, via audio-visual presentations, about their unique art and craft, music and dance, and literature.

Fulfill your curiosity about rural lifestyle at the upcoming Tribal Museum in Lucknow
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