Fusion at Mashup! Here's a perfect Saturday evening plan for you-

Fusion at Mashup! Here's a perfect Saturday evening plan for you-

Mashup is gearing up to add fun and frenzy to Friday night scenes, this June 18!

The weekend is upon us and you already know what it means- let loose and let the beats take control. This Saturday, DJ Deepster is coming to Mashup and if you wanna welcome the weekend with a bang, this is where you've gotta be at.

Mashup is one of the trendiest restro bars in town, and the only cafe with a bowling alley. So, if you're looking for a venue that vibes with your tribe, offers fun activities along with some great food, Mashup is where you have to be this Friday.

Saturday Evenings are best spent at Mashup!

DJ Deepster is a master of the tunes, and with him on the mixer, you can never have a dull moment.

On the 18th of June, 8 PM onwards, Mashup's dance floor will be hosting your gang, while DJ Deepster teases the console to make your hair flip and toes turn! Be it with the significant other, or your squad, you can get your reservations done prior to the event and come over for a night of drunken revelry, great music, not to mention lots of cameos on many Insta stories!

The bar is stocked, and the kitchen is ready for your whims! Just drop in here on Saturday evening and order away!

Master of Fusion: DJ Deepster is gonna get you moving

DJ Deepster has been in the game for a long time now, and he knows how to get you grooving. He's all about fusion tunes, and you can expect some peppy bollywood music with a backdrop of some hard hitting beats. Try not to imagine it right now, and visit mashup on Friday to experience it for yourself.

No matter the kind of music you vibe to, Deepster is gonna make sure you're left with a night worth remembering, if you can that is, considering the fully stocked bar at Mashup.

Knock Knock

Bringing you the groovy rhythms of bollywood fusion techno music, a chill ambience amid good vibes only, Mashup is gearing up to add fun and frenzy to Saturday night scenes, this June 18!

When: Saturday, 18 June, 2022

Where: Mashup Bowling Café & Bar, 1st Floor, Rohtas Summit

Timings: 8PM Onwards

For reservations, call +91 88811 12549

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