Fuzia: A unique online platform for women by women

Fuzia: A unique online platform for women by women

Fuzia is a free online platform which empowers women through a fusion of cultures and ideas

Lubna Abbas

Fuzia is a one of a kind organisation, run by a team of young, talented and ambitious women. Fuzia is an online platform which has created a safe space for women to express themselves without any inhibitions or restrictions. They are also attempting to create a trade and commerce portal to help small scale and self help groups compete in today’s era of complex media marketing.

Though Fuzia started with merely 50 members who wanted to share their writings, today they have 30,000+ members and more than 4 million followers.

About the founder:

Fuzia: A unique online platform for women by women

Fuzia was founded in 2012 by Riya Sinha from Palo Alto, California, a young high school student and a published writer. At first, the platform was called “Fuzia Writing Club” which was a space for women to connect and appreciate each other’s creative works. Riya was only 11 years old when she commenced on this journey. The idea was to provide a safe space in order to encourage women to be confident about their creative works.

The co-founder and director, Shraddha Varma, joined Fuzia just two years ago but with her confidence and leadership motivation she has become an integral part of the organization. Shraddha manages the global team of Fuzia and has helped it grow tremendously in a short span of time.

Fuzia: A unique online platform for women by women

Founding members also include Riya Kumar, Ria Singhal and Sakshi Shrivastava who have worked day and night to help build Fuzia up from scratch . The team was also awarded with the 'Young Leaders Creating a Better World For All' award at the World Economic Forum, in New Delhi, 2018.

Fuzia: A unique online platform for women by women

What's the future like for Fuzia?

Fuzia is a self-funded initiative. Working with a dedicated team and many freelancers for their content, hoping for a bigger, more inclusive, and more resourceful future.

Fuzia listens to what women all over the world have to say. That is why the team has launched an app to make the platform more accessible and handy. Through this, the team hopes to make people’s engagement with Fuzia, much more meaningful. The idea is to also bring out people’s talent in a better way through a system of reward and encouragement.

You can check out more details about Fuzia by visiting their website, or download the Fuzia app available on PlayStore and AppStore.