G20 beautification in Lucknow; A costly investment, now left neglected

G20 beautification in Lucknow; A costly investment, now left neglected

From theft of decorative saplings, to vandalism of wall paintings and more, here's what we've done to the beautification around the city.

Earlier this month, Lucknow was transformed into a ravishing mesh of colours and textures. The fanciful decorations which adorned every nook and corner were expertly curated to enliven the city, as it prepared to welcome international delegates and nationwide dignitaries for the UP Global Investors Summit & G20 summit events.

However, after the transpiration of the events, all of the magnificence seems to be in vain!

Multiple instances of sabotaging the beautification in Lucknow, including the theft of decorative saplings have now come to light and it's rather disheartening to acknowledge that the vice has been done by our fellow localites.

What went wrong?

Earlier last week, a case of theft was reported in Sushant Golf City Police Station involving the disappearance of 150-200 saplings that were previously planted along the service lane of Shaheed Path, which runs parallel to Sushant Golf City.

However this wasn't the first instance of theft in the city, as another case was reported on February 8, where a miscreant had stolen 55 plants by assuming that the pots were left unattended.

On the other hand, the world-renowned Gutka babus, who posses the chewing (and spitting) syndrome, have also started taking part in staining repainted dividers and decorative wall painting in parts of the city.

LMC is now running 'No Spitting Campaign' to maintain beautification

Unlike previous occasions when city authorities were held accountable for their negligence, this time around, it seems that most of the notorious deeds have been caused by our very own fellow localites. This realization serves as a reminder that each of us has a responsibility to uphold the values and standards of our community.

As a stringent measure to maintain the beautification done in the city for prior events, LMC has started the 'Ab Thukna Mana' campaign from Feb 23 onwards. Resultingly, a fine of more than ₹16,000 has already been charged to over 60 violators caught in different areas of the city.

G20 beautification in Lucknow; A costly investment, now left neglected
'No Spitting' campaign started in Lucknow; ₹250 fine for violators

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