Gear up for Torq Trail, Lucknow's first-ever pulse-pounding showdown for auto enthusiasts!

Gear up for Torq Trail, Lucknow's first-ever pulse-pounding showdown for auto enthusiasts!

Torq Trail, a one-of-a-kind event coming this week brings you a chance to take part in autocross and off-roading showdowns.

If the smell of burning rubber, the thunderous roar of powerful engines, and the sight of high-speed cars tearing through various terrains set your heart racing, then Torq Mania has a spectacular treat just for you!

Lucknow's very own, super cool automobile community of hardcore motor enthusiasts is bringing a one-of-a-kind 2 day showdown – Torq Trail, on December 23-24. Brace yourself for a turbocharged experience that combines the thrill of speed, the challenge of diverse terrains and the intense competition, a showdown which you can attend as well as participate in.

A motor fiesta for all kinds of car owners and auto enthusiasts

Torq Trail isn't just an event; it's a pulse-pounding adventure that seamlessly blends autocross and off-roading. Brace yourself for the Autocross Time Attack, a 1.2 km lap loaded with twists and turns that promise surprises at every corner. Alternatively, dive into the off-roading experience, where you'll conquer dirt, rocks and natural challenges that'll put your skills to the ultimate test. And it's all happening at a breathtaking and expansive private farmhouse resort area, on the Lucknow-Kanpur highway.

The motor fiesta extends its invitation beyond sports and high-end cars, beckoning participants with vehicles starting from 1000cc onwards. The diverse array of contenders is segmented into four distinct categories:

  • Class A: For the Agile and swift, 1000cc to 1600cc

  • Class B: The power players, 1600cc to 2200cc

  • Class C: The Dominating force, 2200cc to 3000cc

  • Class D: The beasts, 3000cc+

A lineup of rad shows, supercar and bike meetups and so much more!

The stage is set for an adrenaline-charged spectacle at the expansive and awe-inspiring Jindal Farmhouse and Resort, which is just 22 km from the heart of Lucknow. Here, meticulously prepared tracks await, poised to unfurl a symphony of roaring engines and screeching tires.

But hold on, Torq Trail isn't just about the race; it's a high-octane extravaganza that transcends speed. Brace yourself for pulsating beats, delectable fuel for the soul, and a convergence of Supercars and Bikes that'll leave you in awe.

All things Fab, Flambuoyant & Furious!

This is a rendezvous for aficionados of velocity, an opportunity to mingle with those who share a passion for the fast lane and exhilarating turns. So better mark your calendars and gear up your machines for this mega event!

Where: Jindal Farmhouse, NH 56B Memaura Airforce Station, Kanpur - Lucknow Rd

When: December 23rd and 24th

Time: 10 AM to 4:30 PM (both days)

Contact: 9554444460

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